Canon Nikon D800E Test by Reinfried Marass

Nikon D800E camera to test by Reinfried Marass

Today’s topic is pretty clear with the title, or at least I think so. This is Nikon’s new D800E camera and a test done by photographer Reinfried Marass , a photographer who I admire not only for his photos, but for all that they let you intuit about Reinfried until you certify him with his words and with your texts.

Before starting:

I do not want to adorn myself too much with my admiration for Reinfried’s work. I think this fact is quite clear having a perpetual link that directs in the footer to your website. Well, the fact is that I find it at least shocking, and very surprising that Mr. Reinfried Marass has been so generous to write an article as a test about the Nikon D800E and its interaction with some objectives. The original article is exhaustive and aims to address all the points that a professional photographer will take into account when buying a SLR camera body.

About the Austrian artist:

The Austrian artist is accustomed to using Leica, so I have been able to investigate and comment with him, this is due to several reasons.

Some of them are that Leica is a telemetrica camera, this avoids a lot of work in the approach, simplifies and speeds up this task and another is the discretion that Leica offers, there are more but if you want to know more I invite you to visit their Google Plus profile or your website and you update.

I am sure that you will learn something, regardless of your level. The fact is that Reinfried commented that the new arrival of the Leica M10 was not a good thing, among other reasons because Leica had made the decision to mount a sensor only for black and white photography, had incorporated the live view and a function of video.

Well, let’s get down to business. Reinfried tested the equipment mentioned in this article “in case” he decided to move to Nikon. He has done an exhaustive test as mentioned previously and well, I think he will continue using his Leica M9 for now. Although, read the end of the text of your original article and tell me what you think.

SLR Nikon D800E – Manufacturer details

According to the manufacturer, the Nikon D800E has been manufactured for photographers looking for an absolute definition for their photos. His sister, the D800, has been modified to provide the most demanding photographers with unprecedented clarity. The sensor is of FX format and 36.3 megapixels and incorporates an anti-aliasing filter.

Last night we solved a problem of focus with a camera Canon 1D Mark-II after reading what Reinfried Marass commented in his original article Nikon D800E shooting report tests shots samples images.

I make this note to point out what I was saying in the previous point where I said that you will learn something by reading Reinfried. Well, he does not count this, and he talks about the Nikon D800E but it helped me deduce together with a partner that has a Canon 1D Mark-II which could be the focus problem that his team was suffering.

Following with the data that throws the manufacturer about his model D800E will say that the new camera of Nikon incorporates a sensor of 36.3 megapixels in format full frame . ISO values ​​can normally be regulated between 100-6400 and force up to 25,600 (equivalent) and descend up to 50 (equivalent).

The camera allows continuous shooting from 4 fps to 5 fps depending on the clipping mode. The D-Movie function that records videos in full-HD (1080 pixels) in two available formats. The AF system has up to 51 points and uses the Expeed 3 processing system. Another feature of this Nikon brand SLR is the 3D III color matrix measurement. If you want to have more details you can visit the manufacturer’s website.

Price of the Nikon D800E ir?t=fotogrdecue01 21&l=as2&o=30&a=B00793ANHG

Nikon D800E camera, nikkor 35mm F1.4 and AF-S 70-200mm F2.8VR test by Reinfried Marass

Cámara D800E y objetivos nikkor a test por Reinfried Marass

Example of a photo taken with the Nikon D800E and Nikkor F1.4 35mm lens made with a shutter speed of 1/1000 seconds, diaphragm aperture of F5.6 and ISO 100 speed. Photograph taken by the international fashion photographer Reinfried Marass as a test of the new body of the Nikon brand. © 2012 Reinfried Marass, all rights reserved.

The analysis of Reinfried Marass

The photographer austíaco has gone into detail of many of the advances that incorporates the Nikon D800E. He has omitted some features of the camera which he will never use because he does not need it for his work. The test is completed with the test of two objectives that accompany the body of the D800E in its exhaustive analysis and as it shows it shares with us several photos taken with different settings and also with several Nikkor lenses.

The two objectives he has used for the test have been a Nikkor 35mm F1.4 (with which he took the photo that accompanies this writing) and a Nikkor AF-S 70-200 mm F2.8 VR. The main analysis focuses on the body but has also detailed point-to-point your test with these objectives of the Japanese manufacturer.

I found it interesting to share here this short article about the analysis of Reinfried Marass since it has been concise and has been extended with explanations of the test result of the Nikon D800E. On the other hand the honesty of the images of Reinfried Marass has made the study seem much more reliable, and I wanted to share it with you.

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