Making off cover 59 Uno Skateboarding Magazine

Making off cover 59 Uno Skateboarding Magazine

Image result for skateboardingAfter the Cover – UNO # 59

Today’s video is a making of how the cover page 59 of Uno Skateboarding Magazine was made. In the video you will see skater Julián Lorenzo and photographer Roberto Alegría working on the photo that illustrates the 1st page of the magazine. The video has been made by and in the credits you can see all the copyrights.

What about the protagonists and the video? Were it was made? On the occasion of what? Well, a few things, I’m going to tell what I know.


Roberto Alegría – Photographer by Skateboard:

In the video you can see Roberto Alegría explaining in broad strokes his trajectory as a photographer. Roberto is one of the national skateboard photographers internationally recognized within the skater scene scene.

A few months ago I published a couple of entries talking about him and his photograph. If you want to access your facebook page follow the link.


Julian Lorenzo – The Skateboarder:

The co-star of the session is the skater Julián Lorenzo . I recommend you look for some videos of him to see how he tricks. As explained in the video Julián began to skate in Extremadura (hometown) and has been in Barcelona for a few years, like Roberto, although Roberto Alegría is native to the Basque Country.

One Skateboard Magazine:

These two geniuses met in Barcelona to make the cover number 59 of Uno Skateboard Magazine , if you want to access the website of Uno Skate Magazine follow the link.

One is a magazine of Snowplanet SL and this company is the pioneer in the creation of magazines and magazines in Spain. I remember a lot of years ago, when I started on snowboarding, seeing his publications while drooling.

From here I send a congratulation to my namesake Sebastian Saavedra , whom I do not know in person but in letters for the promotion of all these sports that “came from the Yankee” to stay here. If he makes a beer we do not take them;)


The video by Avalancha films:

Avalancha Films has been in charge of making the video of the making off of how the cover number 59 of the video was made. I did not know them until now but I’m going to devote myself to reviewing their videos to see what I see.

What do you think of the video? A good way to promote skateboard photos Do not you think?

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