Photographing sports – FMX in Barcelona

Photographing sports – FMX in Barcelona

One of the sports that always generate much desire in me is the FMX or Feestyle Motocross , it is a spectacular sport since the tricks have a considerable height and the pirouettes do not have a simple definition. Spectacular, impressive, what happened … All these expressions are pronounced in each of the tricks product of the sum of Motocross and Freestyle .


A gerund that I would like to use constantly, sometimes in a loop, would be “Photographing sports – FMX in Barcelona” . It would mean that here, the one who speaks to you, would be enjoying to the fullest, making a session as a sports photographer .

The FMX is one of those extreme sports that few dare to practice, an extreme sport, a brave sport. Unfortunately it is not a big sport in this country and therefore there are no important investments that could increase the level and number of riders. And for the same reason there is not an FMX competition every weekend either.


The FMX photo that I share in this post was made in the LKXA Barcelona Extreme Festival of 2011 , is taken against the light and quite distance with a Canon EF-S 55-250 mm F3.5-5.6 lens with two-step image stabilizer . When taking the picture in the backlight I had to make a Dodge & Burn to balance the lighting of the scene a little.


FMX at the LKXA Barcelona Extreme Festival

One of the events that brings together FMX riders is the LKXA Barcelona Extreme Festival, it is an event that takes place every June in Barcelona and that I have had the pleasure of attending in the last two editions. Within the event several extreme sports meet, some of them more popular than others but all are extreme sports. I do not have data nor I have looked for them, but during the weekend that the event is celebrated I do not know how many people go to the LKXA.

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