Photography of sports. FMX – Freestyle Motocross

Photography of sports. FMX – Freestyle Motocross

One of the sports that has impressed me since the first day as a photographer has been the FMX, from the English Freestyle Motocross . Unfortunately, it is not possible to take photo sessions of this sport as regularly as one would like. It is much easier to perform sessions of other sports where you do not need an installation like the one required by the FMX. Giant ramps, huge receptions and very daring riders performing tricks of another galaxy in a single long jump with their bikes. In my article today “Photography of sports. FMX – Freestyle Motocross “ I share a photo that I made last June at the Forum of Barcelona. Date on which the well-known extreme sports event LKXA Barcelona Extreme Festival 2011 was held.

I made this photo of FMX with a Canon Eos large public reflex camera and a Tokina lens 28-80 millimeters F2.8 SD. The diaphragm aperture was F14, the exposure time was 1/250 seconds, ISO 100 sensitivity and a focal length of 53 millimeters.


Photography at sporting events:

One of the most complicated issues of photography in sporting events is the speed at which things happen. We already know that sports photography requires greater speed on the part of the photographer in terms of managing adjustments to your equipment, framing and executing the photo. The fact that it is a competition and not a session eliminates the possibility of repeating a photo, since the rider is competing and not posing for us. So being confused one loses the best photos, and these will not happen again.

If you still do not master the complete adjustments of your equipment quickly and effectively, it is preferable to use the semiautomatic modes of your equipment, it takes practice to do it completely manually and in a competition you play the time.


FMX Photography

In sports photography , and of course in FMX photography, what is better is the right moment where the rider is at the maximum point of the trick, we may have what is known as a photon and the trick half done, for athletes from that scene your photo will be unattractive. It is clear that an athlete is not a photographer, but, review photos of extreme sports and tell me the type of photos you see. Does the trick over composition predominate? Is exposure less taken into account than action?

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