The portrait in photography and types of shot

The portrait in photography and the types of plane

In the previous article we talked about the planes in photography according to the position of the camera. Today we will talk about the portrait in photography and the types of plans . To support my texts with examples of blueprints in portraits I will share with you a couple of beauty photos that you can see in my portfolio if you want.

DEl retrato en fotografía y los tipos de plano - Primerisimo planoetail plan:

The detail plane frames a small part of the subject of our photo, in this case portrait. It is not necessary that the motive of our portrait for this type of plane be the face. It could be any part of the body where our detail plane would allow to show an isolated part of the body. This type of plane emphasizes the detail in the protagonist of our photo and is one of the least used plans.


Very first plane or first close-up:

The very first plane or first close-up is a type of plane in which we will show the face of our portrait cut close to the chin and very close to the forehead, there are variants, we could cut the portrait by the chin, we could cut the portrait by the front … The very first plane notes the expression of a person in a remarkable way.



The foreground , or also called portrait shot, is the one that collects the face and other parts of the body of our portrayed, could be a shoulder, both, a part of the chest … In photographic portrait is one of the types of plane more used. In this type of plane as in the previous two, the distance to the subject is minimal, so it is understood that it is an intimate plane and allows us to intimate with the portrayed in a certain way. It is the type of plan that I show in the first photo of this post that talks about “the portrait in photography and the types of shot” .


Bust plane or short medium plane:

The bust plane or medium plane is a plane that shows a portrait from the middle of the chest to the top of the head, allowing us to compose with a certain margin of oxygen in the upper part of our portrait. It is a plane that allows you to isolate a figure within a background, highlight the prominence of this and concentrate the maximum attention on the protagonist of our portrait. This plane is also known as a bust plane or greater foreground.


Medium plane:

The medium shot is usually used to highlight beauty, which is why it is widely used in fashion photography. The cuts in the frame usually vary between the navel and the upper part of the thighs. It may also vary in the case that the portrayed person is sitting or in a situation different from the normal one, which would be standing.

The American plane or three-fourth plane is a plane where we cut three fourths of the figure of our portrayed. It is said that the name comes from the western American films, where he rewarded this type of shot to point out the gunmen’s cartridge belts. As you can see there are small variants of each type of plane. The American plane theoretically cuts through the middle of the thigh, but in the example photo I cut directly from the top of the knees.


Portraits in photography and types of shot:

As I always say, these rules are not to follow them, but to know them. As a photographer I can tell you that following the rules in photography is fine. However, it is much better to create your own composition rules. I think I remember that I took this kind of theory very seriously in terms of the type of shots and other laws of photography. In the long run I have been making variants of each and every one of the types of planes I know. The search for my own style has pushed me to dispense with the strict rules of photographic composition.

Knowing the types of shots used in portraits will not make your photos charge magic, however they will help you improve them. Once you know them it is highly recommended that you dispense with them.

And so far my article today “The portrait in photography and the types of plane” . Regards and until next time.

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