The right moment to take a sports photo

The right time to take a sports photo

Have you ever wondered what is the right time to take a sports photo ? If so, maybe you are interested in reading this article in which I will try to address this issue through a photo of FMX .

First of all I would like to reflect on the following. Have you seen sports photos with incorrect or improvable technique published in magazines or newspapers? I’m sure the answer is yes. Maybe you’re wondering why this happens. The answer is very simple, probably those improvable photos, (all are), captured the right moment.


The right moment in sports

The right moment in sports photography is one in which the emotion, achievement of the trick or execution of a masterful play is culminating in the moment of taking the photo. Let’s give examples, if our picture were of Rugby the right time would probably be when a player gets rid of the defenders right on the line to make a touchdown . In boxing the right moment would be when a boxer hits the uppercut that makes him the winner of the fight. Obviously there are other “just moments” in this type of sports, but I wanted to put a couple of strong examples.


The right moment in extreme sports

And what happens in extreme sports? Well, something good, the right time is when the rider is at the height of his trick if for example we talk about Skateboard, BMX, or FMX … The photo of the example that accompanies this article today is a picture of FMX made in the last edition of the Barcelona Extreme festival .


The ethical code of sports photographers

Especially in extreme sports, and especially in Skateboard even if you shoot the right moment a photo will not be valid if the skater does not “iron” the trick. This means that if you do not execute the whole trick without errors that photo will not be shared, or published. At least this is the ethical code that a sports photographer usually takes into account.


The ethics and logic of the photographer

In the same way as in the previous point, the logic and ethics of a sports photographer will be the one that prefers a picture, for example, of soccer, in which the striker made the shot at goal that gave the victory to his team to a photo where the chute did not enter goal.

The example FMX photo

I have purposely chosen the example photo of this article as it is very improvable, but it picked up the right moment of the FMX trick that the rider was doing at that moment.


Equipment used for this photo

For this photo I used a reflex camera body from the Canon range of the great public, along with a Canon lens with a focal length of 55 to 250 millimeters, maximum aperture of F4 and image stabilizer.


Exif data of the image

To make this photo of sports I adjusted the aperture in F13 and the exposure time in 1/250 seconds. The focal length was 74 millimeters and the ISO speed was 200.

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