Urban landscape or seascape

Cityscape or seascape

Paisaje urbano o paisaje marinoI think if it were English it would have been much easier for me to title this article. With a simple word would have sufficed. The fact is that I am not and I have to give a title to every article I write in this photography blog, hence the title of today “Urban landscape or seascape” , that everyone decides their title, even if it is not of the two landscape options suggested.

The fact is that in my opinion, no option of those mentioned in the title certainly describes the photo, at least for me. I have a particular reading of this photo that I share today in my blog, and as it is particular I am not going to preach it to the 4 winds either.

The only thing I can say is that this scene is the typical one in which a photographer stays stuck and then immediately assumes his role as an observer. In this same way I understand that it is better to explain the photo, so here goes:


I made this photo very close to the Barceloneta beach in Barcelona, ​​towards the passenger port. Some of you are sure that you know this scene perfectly and you may even have taken pictures of it. The truth is an urban or marine landscape that catches my attention.

For the realization of this photo I used a camera body Canon Eos great public, a Tokina AT-X 280AF PRO lens of 28-80 millimeters and maximum aperture for the entire focal length of F2.8. I used a diaphragm aperture of F10, a spot metering, an exposure time of 1/160 seconds and an ISO sensitivity of 100. To finish I gave the personal touch that every photographer usually gives his copies.

I think the attractiveness of this picture is due in large part to the composition, the arrangement of all the elements in the scene is orderly and relaxing. Maybe we’ll talk about a similar composition in my section on photographic composition.

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