Use exposure time as a throwing weapon

Use exposure time as a throwing weaponRelated image

You usually write about the use of exposure time or shutter speed and its direct relationship to a correct photo. What recommended values ​​for what type of photo. Synchronization problems at high speeds with flashes and other topics that could fill a whole blog with words. My article today more than a tutorial or a photographic trick is a reflection, and my aim is to encourage you to use the time of exposure as a weapon throwing .

It is very good to make a photo of sports where the speed is tremendous and the photo is totally frozen due to the “good use” of the exposure time. If you do not use a correct exposure time when taking a picture with synchronized flashes it is very likely that I did not “look good”. To perform a panning we should use an exposure time between this value and the other. Etc…

I think that the use of quotation marks here is evident, in the same way as the repetition of speed and exposure time. All these assumptions where a photo will look good are correct, and the most commonly used, but … How would you like to use the exposure time as one more element of your photo?


Forget all and go for the part

Use the time of exposure as a weapon and ignore all those tricks and tutorials you have read in blogs (including this), in magazines, books and any other media. Would you be able to point out the exposure time as the protagonist of your next photo?


Which is the prize?

The prize you will get after experimenting thoroughly, in different situations and with hundreds, (maybe thousands), of photos will be an advanced domain of how to use the exposure time for each and every one of the photography styles you practice.

And so far my article today, “Use the exposure time as a weapon throws” , I hope this reflection will push you to perform sweeps to 1/15 seconds and not take into account from now on the duration of the programs of your washing machine .

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