• Sat. Oct 1st, 2022

A company to fight against climate change with the carbon offsetting mobile application

ByCindy J. Daddario

Aug 21, 2022

Clean and sustainable energy provider Eden Power launches Eden Zero – a mobile application platform developed to fight climate change, by educating individuals on how they can take effective action to actively reverse its effects .

The platform will also connect them to long-term carbon offset initiatives, which will reduce sub-Saharan Africa’s reliance on hazardous energy production.

Eden Zero, set to launch in October 2022, is a global platform that will offer individuals a carbon calculator to calculate their carbon footprint and choose from tailored, sustainable and real-life recommendations to reduce and neutralize their carbon emissions through compensation and behavioral changes.

These recommendations will cover areas of daily life such as energy consumption, transport, shopping, among others.

The app highlights the direct link between daily activities and individual carbon emissions, encouraging users to consciously join the fight against climate change by offsetting carbon footprints with a personalized monthly subscription.

The introduction of Eden Zero serves to reinforce this commitment and to encourage a more conscious approach to the effects of climate change.

Speaking on the importance of the Eden Zero project, Eden Power CEO Olumuyiwa Boris Abiodun said, “Our plan is to provide personalized emissions insights to socially conscious people while providing sustainable offset options that benefit the environment by increasing carbon filters and reducing the overreliance of underserved communities in sub-Saharan Africa on fossil fuel power generation.

Abiodun added that “we are rapidly approaching the brink of irreversible climate chaos. If we are to avoid the difficult future we have created, we must reduce global carbon emissions by 50% per decade from now. If we love our children more than ourselves, we have only one choice: to act collectively. This is what we hope to achieve with Eden Zero.