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AAIB Launches Mobile Banking App to Keep Up with Customers’ Advanced Lifestyles

ByCindy J. Daddario

Sep 27, 2022

AAIB Launches Mobile Banking App to Keep Up with Customers’ Advanced Lifestyles

Cairo, September 25: AAIB has launched its Mobile Banking Application which adds various functionalities to the banking market. This is part of AAIB’s overall plan to provide new digital banking solution bundles and the latest banking services in a fast, timely and efficient manner to meet all of its customers’ needs, in their advanced lifestyles. Since AAIB constantly puts its customers first, the bank is always keen to provide services that meet their different needs in the most convenient way.

The launch of the AAIB Mobile Banking app with these new features is an important step for the bank towards digital transformation, which includes the automation of many banking services. The application, which has been entirely developed in-house by the staff of the bank, has a wide range of advantages, and one of the most important is the payment of monthly bills to the various billers, namely; mobile operators, utilities and charitable payments. This is done by enrolling them once on the app, and they are automatically paid monthly without user intervention, saving time and effort. In addition to the possibility of temporarily or permanently blocking debit or credit cards and sharing account details via social networks and messaging platforms. In addition, the application allows complete accessibility of your bank accounts, credit cards, deposits, as well as transfers between accounts; internally and externally, in simple steps. Moreover, it is done securely and comfortably within seconds, through various electronic payment methods issued by different parties.

Haytham El Maayergi, AMD, Group Chief Operating and Transformation Officer at AAIB, said: “The bank is working in line with its strategy to provide its customers with the best and latest banking solutions in a simple and fast way, on the based on precise studies of customer needs and a fair understanding of their daily needs. In addition, the AAIB mobile application is fully developed in-house through our own digital factory, allowing bank staff to develop it quickly and efficiently to meet customer and market needs, and offer them banking services at anytime, anywhere.

El Maayergi added, “The launch of the new app completes our promises to digitize all banking procedures and services which will help broaden the framework for digital transformation, supporting financial inclusion efforts. in our drive to bring forward all modern technology, further including all of our products and services, so that they are easily accessible anytime, anywhere via smart phones, to save the time and effort of our clients.”

Alaa El Qushairy, Head of Digital at AAIB, said, “With the advancement of digital solutions globally, and especially in the Arab region, it has become necessary to develop digital solutions in general and financial solutions in particular. to keep pace with the growing needs of customers.Therefore, the bank’s overall digital transformation project is one of the main pillars on which it bases its future plans to provide the best financial services.

El Qushairy pointed out that the launch of the mobile application is one of the biggest projects of the bank, which was implemented internally thanks to the efforts of the Digital Factory. This is seen as just the start of the launch of many digital channels currently in development. In addition, the launch of this service is part of the introduction of a distinctive set of advanced banking services that give customers the ability to carry out financial and non-financial banking transactions in a safe and simple way, without having to go to one of the 93 branches. With this latest addition to our digital technology, bank customers will have easy and secure access to a variety of mobile banking services.

It is worth mentioning that the AAIB is taking positive and far-reaching steps in the area of ​​digital transformation. The online banking service, which will be completely replaced by an advanced application in the last quarter of this year, has been developed to keep up with the latest applications present in this industry, and has also been developed with the internal skills of the whole bank. .