• Thu. Dec 1st, 2022

Abbey Mortgage Bank launches mobile banking app

ByCindy J. Daddario

Mar 18, 2022

Abbey Mortgage Bank has launched its data-friendly mobile banking app, leading the way in the financial services industry, he said.

The app launch which took place at the company’s headquarters in Lagos on Wednesday will provide customers with easy access to their accounts as well as the ability to transact seamlessly without the need for in-person banking. . Over the years, the bank has been at the forefront of pioneering innovative solutions to enable its clients to achieve their strategic objectives.

Speaking to reporters at the launch, Lolita Ejiofor, Managing Director, Information Technology and Platforms, said: “The AbbeyMobile app has been developed based on the need to provide a more transparent and convenient to existing and new customers alike, simply by downloading and securely registering on the AbbeyMobile app. The app would ensure that a better experience is accessible for day-to-day banking, including opening an account to save on their capital for a mortgage (“Save to Own”), without the need to visit a branch. Of course, our friendly customer experience team is always available to help you”.

Additionally, Group Head, E-business & support, Felix Omodayo-Owotuga, said that “customers will also be rewarded with fabulous prizes when they refer a friend to the AbbeyMobile app, as our goal is to create constantly delivering value to our clients and providing them with solutions that enable them to achieve their strategic objectives.” “We remain committed to supporting our clients on their journey to home ownership,” he concluded.

This game-changing application will facilitate seamless interaction between customers and stakeholders nationwide. It also marks a milestone in the democratization of mortgage banking in Nigeria and provides unprecedented access to property for Nigerians in all geographies. The mortgage mobile app is attributed to an increase in internet consumers, increased access to web and online services, and the growing need to simplify home ownership.

With over 108 million internet users in Nigeria and around 120 million mobile phone owners, Abbey Mortgage is now able to connect more Nigerians to a quick and professional guide on their journey to home ownership.

Also commenting on the launch, Madu Hamman, Managing Director/CEO of Abbey Mortgage Bank, said, “We are delighted to be at the forefront of digital banking in the mortgage banking space. We recognize that these are very difficult times and our customers are looking for a partner who can help them through the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why we constantly raise the bar and push the boundaries of service delivery by creating innovative solutions that make banking easier and faster for our customers.”

Hamman enthused, “In line with our commitment to simplifying home ownership, providing financing to qualified clients and reducing access times, Abbey is using the latest technology to consolidate care collection and expand our vision to our customers’ mobile devices“.