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AFL allows Sydney’s Paddy McCartin to use mobile phone during matches for health reasons

ByCindy J. Daddario

Mar 29, 2022

AFL gives Sydney’s Paddy McCartin special permission to use mobile phone DURING MATCHES as he battles chronic health condition

  • Paddy McCartin is back in the AFL after three years of battling a concussion
  • The former No. 1 draft pick has reinvented himself in the Swans defensive line
  • He was spotted using a mobile phone during his side’s 30-point win over Geelong
  • He needs it to manage another medical condition and has been cleared by the AFL

Sydney Swans signing Paddy McCartin was given the green light after bizarre scenes on Friday night when he used a mobile phone on the pitch during his club’s 30-point win over Geelong.

As the game was dominated by Lance “Buddy” Franklin scoring his 1000th career goal, savvy viewers noticed that McCartin pulled out the mobile device just before halftime.

The use of mobile devices is strictly prohibited by the AFL on the sidelines, in the dressing rooms and especially on the pitch except for 10 authorized users and members of the media.

However, it was revealed that McCartin used the device to help manage type 1 diabetes, which he had since he was eight years old.

McCartin using the mobile phone on the pitch during the second quarter of Swans’ clash with Geelong. He uses it to check his blood sugar to manage his type 1 diabetes

McCartin was granted an AFL exemption so he could communicate with a sensor patch he wears to measure his blood sugar for his diabetes, which he must do at least 10 times a day.

‘The AFL confirms that Sydney Swans player Paddy McCartin is permitted to use a diabetes mobile phone app during matches for medical purposes only as it is necessary to monitor his blood sugar levels,’ a spokesperson said. league word. told the Herald Sun.

Jeremy Howe and Jordan De Goey were fined $20,000 by Collingwood last year after they retrieved their phones during a game to notify family members and club staff of their injuries.

Fremantle’s Hayden Ballantyne received an official AFL warning for using a mobile phone during a pre-season game in 2016 while West Coast was fined $5,000 in 2010 after ruckmen Dean Cox and Nic Naitanui spoke to Perth-based ruck coach Simon Eastaugh using a mobile phone on the floor during their loss to the Kangaroos.

McCartin is on the comeback trail after his AFL career was put on hold in 2018 after repeated concussions since being selected as the first draft pick by St Kilda.

AFL Media’s Damian Barrett praised his performance against Geelong which saw him turn into a resolute defence, particularly in the first quarter.

“We’ve already spoken at length and in detail about how he recovered, it’s a great story,” he said.

“He’s playing with courage, isn’t he?” With the way he supports himself and his footballing brain.

“What a quarter he’s had,” said Garry Lyon in a comment after the first half of Geelong’s game at the weekend.

“He took five interception marks, which is a fantastic performance.”

McCartin has made an encouraging return to AFL football after being out for three years due to repeated concussions suffered while at St Kilda

McCartin has made an encouraging return to AFL football after being out for three years due to repeated concussions suffered while at St Kilda

McCartin previously said he was treating his concussion issues like any other injury and was looking to score a number of goals on his return.

“It took a long time (to get to this point). That was probably the best part of 18 months before I started doing footy stuff again without thinking about my head at all. Even then, it was probably more like two years. This time last year I hadn’t played a game since I hit the head,’ he told AFL.com.au.

“It’s really the same as any injury; once you’ve gotten past it and gained enough confidence [you don’t worry about it]. I did a lot of rehab and as you tick off each goal you put it behind you. Once I played that was it and I finished a few games and that was nice. I feel pretty nice now, which is good.