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Android Font Style: How to Change Font Style on Android Mobile Phone from Samsung, OnePlus, Realme, etc.

ByCindy J. Daddario

Jun 3, 2022

Personalization is among the many other features you get with an Android mobile phone. The platform lets you add a fancy new icon pack, change the home screen with a new launcher, and organize the app drawer in a specific way. Moreover, you can also change the font style on almost any Android mobile phone, be it Samsung, OnePlus, Realme or Xiaomi. The handsets come with a bunch of built-in font styles along with the ability to change to add new fonts using third-party apps. In this article, we will take a look at the different Android font styles and how to change them on your device.


How to Change Font Style on Android Mobile Phone Using Built-in Settings

on Samsung smartphones

If you have a Samsung smartphone, follow these steps to change the font style:

  • Go to Settings app > Display > Font Size & Style
  • Now tap on the “Font Style” option
  • You can now choose from a wide variety of font styles or download additional fonts from the Galaxy Store

on Xiaomi/Redmi/Poco smartphones

It is relatively easy to change your font style on your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO mobile phones. Here’s how it’s done

Android Font Style
  • Go to Themes app, go to profile option at bottom right
  • Tap “Fonts”
  • Now tap on the font you want to change

If you want to download new font styles to your Xiaomi mobile phone, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Themes app
  • Now tap on the fonts tab at the bottom right
  • Select the font you want to download and tap on the “Download” option
  • Once the background is uploaded, press apply
  • The font style will be changed on your device

on realme mobile phones

Realme mobile phone users can follow these steps

  • Go to the Theme Store app
  • Tap the Font tab in the center
  • Choose the font style you want and press Apply
  • Now you should see the system wide font style change

on Vivo smartphones

  • As with Vivo devices, go to the Themes app
  • Tap Fonts on the top center side
  • Tap the font style you want to apply
  • Now just apply the font, if it’s free, or go for a free trial (which applies the font for 5 minutes). That said, most fonts in the Theme Store are paid.

on OnePlus smartphones

After the OxygenOS 12 update, the ability to change the font style has been slightly changed on OnePlus smartphones. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Go to Personalization -> Font and Display Size.
  • Now tap on “More” option besides Roboto and OnePlus Sans.
  • Choose a font and hit “Apply” or “Free Trial” to experience it. The free trial is valid for 5 minutes.

OnePlus kept most fonts in the premium category, requiring payment to use the fonts. However, there is a section dedicated to free fonts. Unfortunately, you can’t upload your own custom font file and are stuck with what OnePlus and other developers have offered through the theme store.

OPPO smartphones

If you are an OPPO smartphone user, here is what you need to do to change the font style:

  • Go to the Theme Store app on your home screen
  • Tap “Category” at the bottom of the screen and tap/swipe left to access “Fonts”
  • Find the fonts you want, then tap “Download/Try Me/Buy/Free Trial” and “Apply”. Similar to OnePlus and Vivo smartphones, most fonts are paid.

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How to Change Font Style on Android Phones Using Third-Party Apps

You can also change the font style on Android mobile phones using third-party apps. This is extremely useful for those using Nokia or Motorola smartphones, which run almost stock Android and don’t have a theme store. That said, there is a flaw with this method – the font style will only apply to the home screen. System-wide, it will have the same default font that comes with the phone.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher offers up to four font styles, namely Normal, Medium, Condensed and Light. Here’s how to use them on your Android device:

  • Download the Nova launcher from the play store
  • Now configure the launcher
  • After setting up the launcher, long press on the home screen and then tap on settings
  • Tap “Home screen”
  • Choose “Icon layout”
  • Now tap the drop-down menu under “Font”. It should be condensed by default
  • Select the font style you want to choose
  • The font will be applied to the home screen
  • If you want to change the font of the folders and app drawer, you will need to go to the app drawer and folders tab individually and change the font style, under the icon layout in the Nova launcher settings.

smart launcher

Smart Launcher also gives you the option to change the font style, and it has a lot more font style options than the Nova launcher.

  • Download the Smart Launcher app from the play store
  • Now configure the launcher
  • After setting up the launcher, press and hold until you see a bunch of options appear.
  • Tap “Global Appearance”
  • Tap “Font”
  • You can change both title and body font, choose the one you want to change
  • Now select the font you want to change. You can even select custom fonts downloaded to your phone
  • Once you select it, it will be applied automatically