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B2B technology platform Landing International presents the BeautyFluent mobile application

ByCindy J. Daddario

Jun 20, 2022
In the age of the influencer, it’s easy to entice consumers to try a product. There are bonus points if the influencer is a beloved TikTok sensation or the lead actor in the latest box office hit. But as a star influencer with millions of followers makes a big payday from a single Instagram post, a CEO insists brands looking to get the word out about their new product are betting on the wrong strategy, especially when it comes to of beauty.

While most influencers use their beauty, personality quirks and talent for applying makeup to “sell” consumers, it’s the beauty advisers at major retailers who make real IRL connections, according to CEO Sarah Chung. of the Los Angeles-based B2B web and mobile tool. International landing. And with the return of in-person shopping as covid restrictions ease, the role beauty advisors play in directing consumers to the appropriate brands has never been more relevant.

But to what extent do these advisors master the products that interest them the most?

Beauty consultants who use BeautyFluent can receive proper training, take fun quizzes, and be rewarded for their influence through a points system to get products sent to their homes.

Enter: BeautyFluent. Landing International’s latest mobile app, created by Chung, puts the power of influence where it belongs: in the hands of beauty consultants. The app provides them with the right tools they need to do their job effectively, according to Chung.

Landing International, established in 2016, served as a B2B web and mobile tool to help emerging beauty and wellness brands succeed in retail by connecting them with buyers and helping them identify and locate the right retail partners.

Before moving to Los Angeles, Chung worked in New York where she helped brands write business plans to raise funds and enter stores like Sephora and CVS. When Landing International launched six years ago, the idea was for brands to work directly with retailers to build transparency in order to access shoppers, Chung said. In doing so, the platform has helped many independent beauty and wellness brands find their way into US retailers, including Ulta, Target, Dermstore, Nordstrom, and Revolve.

“We got involved with brands a lot more than originally planned,” Chung said. “And we were hoping to do in-store training and marketing within the retail channel, and that’s how the idea for training originally came about on the platform.”

She continued: “We have a feature [in BeautyFluent] called “Training Editors”. This can essentially turn your brand catalog that you would show to buyers into an external page that you can show to a retailer.

The app, she says, not only connects beauty consultants to the brands they love, but provides them with the resources they need to properly deliver the most impactful information to potential clients in addition to rewarding them for their influence.

To help bridge the retail training gap among beauty advisors, a number of whom are not onsite when brand representatives visit stores, BeautyFluent helps these advisors send and receive information about products by scanning a barcode. After that, they can get detailed product information and demo tips to experience new products at their convenience.

Beauty consultant training, greater job satisfaction

“Beauty associates need something that’s quick and fast and on-the-go,” Chung said. “This is how the idea of ​​BeautyFluent was born. Based on a survey we conducted of beauty associates, we learned that 100% of them say they would be more likely to recommend a product if they were trained, but 91% feel that they are often asked questions about a product or a brand that they are not familiar with. Our app is dedicated to giving sellers the information they need to be successful in their jobs.

BeautyFluent apps make it quick and easy to get detailed product information by scanning a barcode.

She continued, “What we hear over and over again is beauty associates feeling underappreciated and not equipped to do the job they’re being asked to do.”

According to Chung, the great resignation and the need for employees to feel connected to the places where they work is part of BeautyFluent’s goal: “to create a vibrant community where they can access not only training information, but also content. and even live events,” she said.

After taking training and answering brief quizzes about their learning experience, advisors can accumulate points that they use to redeem products they want to try, like Sephora’s points program. BeautyFluent Rewards are shipped directly to the Beauty Consultant’s home. Additionally, BeautyFluent “Beauty Fluencers” have access to an online forum where they can share their personal experiences in the sales field and post career opportunities.

BeautyFluent aims to provide beauty consultants with the training Chung feels they lack, greater job satisfaction, a greater sense of purpose, and potential for growth.

Beauty Advisors can send feedback to brands after each product they try through BeautyFluent. The feature establishes a personal connection between brands and sellers, says Chung.

Since its launch in April, BeautyFluent has been used by 1,163 Ulta managers and Beauty Advisors at JC Penny stores. Preparing to release beta later this year, the BeautyFluent team continues to rely on its diverse community. For example, he’s working on a feature that would allow brands with famous founders to host live Q&A sessions with beauty consultants and more.

BeautyFluent can be downloaded from the App Store.