• Wed. Jun 22nd, 2022

Banca Mediolanum’s digital subsidiary Flowe leverages airfocus to enhance core mobile banking app

Italian digital bank Flowe uses airfocus to enhance its core mobile banking app and facilitate internal product management, as it seeks to establish itself as a provider of tools that facilitate a sustainable financial lifestyle for its users.

Challenger Bank Flowe is a spin-off from Italian banking giant Banca Mediolanum and has a strong focus on sustainability, including innovations such as the Flowe card made from wood sourced from sustainable forests. It used the airfocus modular product management platform not only to improve its core mobile banking application, but also to implement a more product-centric way of working across the company.

“We create analytics for our co-workers, reports and data insights, and we also develop features and apps that personalize and deliver a smarter end-user experience,” explained Marco Santoni, Manager data products at Flowe. “airfocus gives us an excellent user experience. Our teams like to use it and have changed their working habits to adapt to airfocus, which is rare. It saves us time, integrates easily and gives us great flexibility in how we use it.

Flowe was initially looking for a roadmap tool that could seamlessly integrate with Azure DevOps, as it used the latter for product prioritization and to increase alignment between different stakeholder groups. However, after finding airfocus, the company quickly realized that it could do much more to improve its overall product workflow.

By using airfocus Priority Poker, an interactive and collaborative feature to involve relevant stakeholders in prioritization, Flowe could work much more efficiently. This collaboration involves bringing people together weekly to discuss product prioritization. This brings more transparency, as stakeholders can now see why the priority is given, and improved efficiency, as it only takes a few minutes to set priorities.

airfocus also enables Flowe to take full advantage of its backlog of product priorities. It used to be easy to forget something in a long list of priorities among sprints, task boards, development pipelines, and incoming requests from customers, marketing, sales, etc. But because airfocus integrates with the Flowe product backlog tool on Azure DevOps and is fully customizable, it ensures nothing is missed and time is saved.

“We developed airfocus to be fully customizable, scalable and modular, and it’s amazing to see a company as innovative as Flowe using this capability,” said Malte Scholz, CEO of airfocus. “Our platform is used by large enterprises and emerging start-ups, as well as for external products to market and internal product management, just like Flowe does.”

Flowe has been named 2021 Product of the Year in Financial Services, winning the prestigious Prodotto Dell’Anno, an Italian product innovation award given exclusively from consumer votes. Based on customer suggestions, Flowe renewed the look of the app in September 2021.

“Our mobile banking app is our core product, critical to our success, and we take into account both internal stakeholder feedback as well as customer suggestions to keep it up to date,” said Marco Santoni, Chief Product Officer. of data at Flowe. “I would recommend airfocus to any product manager and especially those who use common development management tools like GitHub, Jira or Azure DevOps. Looking to the future, we are seriously considering the airfocus Insights feature to centralize staff and customer feedback in one central location.