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Bangalore: Suspended cop was known for his skills as a mobile tracker | Bangalore News

BENGALURU: Police chief AG Prabhakar, arrested on Friday by the Central Crime Branch for colluding with drug traffickers in providing detailed information about the calls and the location of people, was the go-to man for his colleagues in the mobile phone tracking surveys.
Prabhakar was transferred to Sadashivanagar police station in mid-2019 from SJ Park station. He was suspended on November 12 after police found copies of the details of the call to the home of an accused in a drug case. The accused’s phone records revealed Prabhakar’s connection to them.
Prabhakar had been instrumental in recovering more than 500 stolen cell phones by searching for locations while working at other stations. He was also successful in locating the missing people using the cell phones they were carrying, his colleagues said.
He charged 10,000 rupees for donating CDR
Prabhakar is said to have helped a few drug traffickers find people who, after buying hydro ganja, did not want to pay and would remain in solitary confinement by turning off their phones. Prabhakar took the CDRs of these people and focused on the contact numbers of their families and friends. The hawkers would call them and ask for the person. It is also suspected that Prabhakar helped some of them escape the police.
“Prabhakar has been in contact with the hawkers for almost 10 months and charged Rs 10,000 for pulling out detailed call recordings (CDRs) and Rs 3,000 for obtaining mobile tower locations,” said a senior officer.
Obtaining CDRs or locations is not an easy task as the request has to go through the Judicial Police Deputy Commissioner (DCP). “To make a CDR request, the investigator must send an email mentioning the mobile number whose contact details are sought. Normally, criminal staff at each law enforcement station will send these emails on behalf of their colleagues. The mail is first sent to a nodal officer in the jurisdiction, a police inspector. After scanning the request, the node officer will forward it to his DCP. The DCP will send the letter to the service provider concerned and collect their contact details. The details are again sent by mail to the nodal officer who will forward them to the police stations, ”he explained. It is Prabhakar who would send such letters of request to the node officer on behalf of his station, sources said.
Originally from Madhugiri in Tumakuru, Prabhakar lives in the new town of Yelahanka with his wife and two children.
However, it is not known how Prabhakar and the accused got to know each other.

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