• Wed. Aug 3rd, 2022

Bank Millennium SA: Image campaign for Bank Millennium’s mobile banking

On December 24, Bank Millennium will launch a television campaign on mobile banking. Radek Kotarski will talk about the capabilities of the app in every situation and at every stage of life.

Whether you’re scrambling to climb summits or getting stuck in the height of rush hour; whether you are nearing the goal or just looking for it … open yourself to new opportunities with Bank Millennium’s innovative app – Radek Kotarski encourages in advertising.

The spot will be shown on national channels, selected thematic channels and on the Bank Millennium channel on YouTube; it will be broadcast for a few weeks alongside the current “Gingerbread” spot. The spot will also be promoted online. The spot was created by Change Serviceplan, produced by Corner Shop, while the media was purchased by Starcom.

Bank Millennium’s mobile app provides convenient access to finance anytime, anywhere. It allows, among other things, contactless payments, also with the BLIK and BLIK contactless code, the payment of urban transport and parking tickets, the purchase of tickets for Helios cinemas, as well as payment with the Autopay service for highways. without having to queue and take a ticket. It has extensive customization capabilities and many innovative solutions. The application also allows to take out auto insurance with the use of the Aztec code scanned from the vehicle registration certificate or travel insurance with the unique option “Travel Assistance”. The app is also available in a version for younger customers aged 7 to 12. The app is available on Google Play, App Store and AppGallery.

More information on the solutions available in the Bank Millennium mobile app can be found here: www.bankmillennium.pl/bankowosc-elektroniczna/bankowosc-mobilna/aplikacja-mobilna-klienci-indywidualni-biznesLink opens in new window.

Legal Notice
The fees, interest rates and other details of the Konto 360 ° account and the mobile application offer are contained in the price lists relating to fees and commissions, debit cards, interest rates and payments. BLIK mobiles as well as in the General Regulations on the provision of banking services to individuals. in Bank Millennium SA The details regarding the Finanse 360 ​​° service, allowing to add information on accounts in other banks in Millenet and the mobile application of Bank Millennium, are contained in the Regulations on the provision of open banking services in Bank Millennium SA The price lists and regulations are available at the bank branches and on the website www.bankmillennium.pl under the bookmark Prices and Regulations. Details regarding the transport ticket payment service are available in the Regulations on the website of the service provider Mobile Traffic DATA at www.mobilet.pl and in the Regulations. Autopay is a fast and automatic online and offline road toll payment system provided by Autopay Mobility Sp. Z oo with its head office in Warsaw. More information about the service, including a list of motorway sections covered by the service, can be found in the Autopay regulations at https://autopay.pl. Bank Millennium SA is an insurance agent registered in the register of insurance agents kept by the Polish Financial Supervisory Authority under number 11162860 / A.