• Thu. May 26th, 2022

Benchmark of emerging mobile banking functionalities in the United Kingdom 2021


This third annual survey, weighted based on responses to a consumer survey, is an exclusive benchmark that ranks the 10 largest UK banks and mortgage lenders by asset based on their innovative mobile banking capabilities. We include research on the availability of 41 mobile features, selected based on their propensity to distinguish financial institutions, as well as data on consumer demand for each of these features.


  1. What are the most important emerging mobile banking features that UK FIs can offer to set themselves apart from their competition and delight customers?
  2. What emerging features do UK consumers value most, both overall and within key customer segments?
  3. How do the apps of top UK financial institutions compare in terms of offering the features most requested by our survey respondents?

WHAT IS IN THIS REPORT? It has never been more difficult – nor more important – for FIs to stand out with innovative mobile features. In this report, we share data and insights on emerging mobile features that banks and mortgage lenders can help set themselves apart from the competition. We used a dedicated survey of 1,134 UK adult mobile banking users to identify the features these consumers demand, highlighting the features deployed by the top 10 UK financial institutions and the mobile features that respondents appreciate the more.

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