• Thu. May 19th, 2022

Brian Reed of NowSecure: Agencies Need Continuous Monitoring Model to Protect Mobile App Portfolios

Brian reed, head of mobility at Now secure, said government agencies should have programs in place to facilitate continuous monitoring of mobile applications to detect and remediate vulnerabilities that could pose security risks to employees and data.

Reed wrote that agencies should commit to ensuring mobile app security and establishing mission data protections and access restrictions.

He called on agencies to conduct a thorough review of employee access to mission-oriented applications by developing “profile differences based on levels of control and authority of devices versus mission requirements.” .

Agencies are expected to offer a mobile app verification program, which Reed says has three stages. The first step requires organizations to develop an inventory of all devices and applications on the network, and the second phase requires the establishment of a process for evaluating new applications. The last step focuses on continuously monitoring the new version of each mobile application once it is launched.

“By understanding and addressing the risks associated with mobile apps, agencies can support employee productivity with mobile tools while protecting mission data on the device, in apps and on the network,” noted Reed.

He cited NowSecure’s automated software offering and how it helps agencies perform continuous application monitoring to protect their application portfolios.