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Carphone Warehouse: the UK’s former mobile phone retailer

ByCindy J. Daddario

May 11, 2022

Let’s look at the significant facets of an exclusive name, the Carphone Warehouse.

Any business entity revolving around mobile phones surely attracts a large following. The reason revolves around the use and functionality of the latter. Undoubtedly, smartphones have become a necessity of today and we are looking for relevant offers and services.

UK time presents an elite company that served for years, but unfortunately it is almost extinct. Moreover, if your instincts of interest are more towards mobile game creation, we certainly have the right article for you. Please click on the old link.


When was Carphone Warehouse founded?

In May 2022, it was founded 33 years ago, in 1989, by Julian Brownlie and Charles Dunstone. The company merged with Dixons Retail in 2014. The latter, however, is the electronics retailer that extends its services across Europe.

According to Wikipedia, Carphone Warehouse United Kingdom had a listing on the London Stock Exchange prior to this merger. Moreover, it was also labeled as Phone House. There is also an elaboration on his earnings and net income which are £10.7 million (2013) and £4.2 million (2013) respectively.

Where is Carphone Warehouse’s current headquarters?

Currently, its head office is located in London, United Kingdom.

Does it have an official website?

Yes it is carphonewarehouse.com. The homepage listed offers for customers encompassing products such as SIM-free phones, tablets and accessories. Shoppers are facilitated by a number of brands, including Apple, Samsung, Doro, Alcatel, Google, HONOR, Oppo, Xiaomi, and Motorola.

Fascinatingly, you can even find the upcoming phones on the website. In order to filter your search, you can discover products with only specific features. For example, dual SIM phones, phones with headphone jacks, 5G, and phones with facial and fingerprint recognition.

In the accessories category, you’ll admire smart technology, including Apple Watches, Samsung Watches, and Huawei Watches. Other mobile phone accessories are wireless charging, headphones, phone cases, portable power banks, wireless headphones, and screen protectors.

Fortunately, there are excellent broadband and TV deals, broadband and TV buying guides and a registry of broadband providers. Also, check out the tablets section for an overview of Apple iPads and Samsung tablets.

How do I find a Carphone warehouse near me?

The best way is to enter your location or zip code in the store locator search box on their website. Another option is to type ‘Carphone Warehouse nearby‘ in Google with your phone’s location enabled. You might see an appropriate list of stores.

What data protection issues has its customers faced in the past?

The customers of Carphone Warehouse United Kingdom faced data breaches in 2005. According to their reports, customer accounts began to change without their permission.

Another incident in 2015 led to hackers gaining access to nearly 2.4 million people through customer data. Additionally, it was fined for using old software and failing to regularly test security in 2018.

What does “Currys PC World with Carphone Warehouse” mean?

Currys PC World with Carphone Warehouse primarily refers to stores or trading in them within Currys PC World. In 2021, a rebranding took place, converting all outlets to a new name, Currys.

Currys is owned by Currys PLC and is known for its services in electronics. It was founded in 1884 and some of its products include white goods, cell phones and telecommunications.

What are its exclusivities in marketing and sponsorship?

There are a number of media titles and marketing entities that have been associated in some way with this company. Such as this consumer electronics retailer was a sponsor of Big Brother, a British television series. Moreover, he also sponsored the UK app show called Appy Awards, in 2011.

Is Carphone Warehouse still there?

In April 2020, all independent stores of this company in the UK were closed. Similarly, in Ireland, the standalone website as well as co-located branches were all immediately shut down. You can now find their stores at Currys PC World stores.

Are EE and Carphone Warehouse the same?

EE (mobile network operator) and Carphone Warehouse are not the same, given the nature of their services. However, the two organizations had a deal that ended in 2020.