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Criminal confession accidentally recorded on cell phone

ByCindy J. Daddario

May 20, 2022

A clumsy scammer has been caught after accidentally recording his confession on his mobile phone.

Wayne Axtell was arrested while riding a stolen Segway scooter and police seized his phone.

They found call records in which he bragged about burglaries he had ‘run away from’.

They included crimes that police had not even linked him to, a court heard.

In defence, Peter du Feu told Oxford Crown Court that his client did not know his phone’s default setting was to record his calls.

Prosecutor Alex Radley said the calls led police to link the robberies in Oxfordshire to Buckinghamshire in 2021.

Axtell, 39, who had a lock knife on him when he was arrested, spoke of thefts of high-value lawnmowers and gardening tools.

The clumsy crook was jailed for four years

Mr du Feu said: “This is extraordinary evidence and a real goal against his side for him.”

Axtell, who was jailed for four years, admitted conspiring to rob, rob, handle stolen property and have a blade. He also asked for 13 other flights to be considered.

It comes after a woman filed a lawsuit alleging a creepy T-Mobile employee stole nude photos from her phone after she tried to trade them.

Karen Mun, 24, of Queens, New York, brought her device into the Northern Boulevard store before an employee took her to a closed back room to see if she was “eligible” for the exchange.

The nail technician watched in horror as the man she said opened his photos where there were intimate photos of her.

“I saw her photo app open with, like, a bunch of my photos on it,” Mun told the New York Post, referring to dozens of intimate images of herself that she kept. on his device.

The lawsuit alleges that T-Mobile is well aware that employees are stealing sensitive customer data and has not done enough to stop it.

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