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Discover solutions to common cell phone hacking situations

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ParentShield Child Safety Network

ParentShield Child Safety Network

ParentShield’s security team discusses new solutions to mobile phone security issues as old as the mobile phone itself

Although it may seem less abusive, it is still possible for a partner or ex-partner to transfer numbers to “their network” or into their real account in an attempt to increase control or power.

—Graham Tyers

DERBY, DERBYSHIRE, UK, March 8, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Mobile phone services are targeted by hackers and stalkers because they have traditionally presented an easy target. Although mobile networks have greatly improved their processes, very few phone accounts are protected by the security controls necessary to protect their users from hacking or identity theft.

ParentShield is designed to protect vulnerable users with a secure SIM card and is therefore quite different from any other mobile network. Here we look at common vulnerabilities that mobile networks can suffer from.

Mobile phones suffer from several security issues:

SIM Jacking
Jacking number
Phone hacking
Voicemail Hacking
Home control
SIM card hijacking

SIM card hacking, or SIM Jacking is a generic term designating a technology or techniques allowing a third party to take control of a SIM card. In its most technically advanced forms, it can be done by simply sending a specially crafted SMS message to the phone. This can cause the SIM card to perform simple tasks, including sending data from the phone to the bad guy.

This information can include finding the location of the phone, user information, call information, and even performing tasks on the phone. It’s quite scary. A modern SIM card is basically a small computer in itself that can run small applications capable of doing a number of things, including sending and receiving messages or making calls.

No SIMjacking on ParentShield

ParentShield SIM cards do not support SAT (SIM Application Toolkit) and all SMS messages – the goto method to invoke such an attack – come to ParentShield phones through our SIM firewall. An example of this can be seen in the Apple iMessage setup SMS messages that ParentShield customers can choose to see. We remove the special control characters from the SMS ‘PDU’ – the encoded SMS message, and allow the message to be seen as if it were a standard message.

Jacking number

Number Jacking is the technique increasingly used to take control of someone else’s mobile phone number – usually in order to obtain OTPs (One Time Passcodes) such as those sent to authorize payments or access to websites that use the phone for two-factor authentication (2FA). .

“Possessing” or in hacker-speaking “pwning” someone’s phone number means it is possible to gain access to Mose’s valuable and sensitive information controlled by that person. In many cases, people find out in a very short time that their bank accounts, social media accounts, and their entire identities are compromised.

This can be achieved with a simple phone call to many mobile phone companies and as they generally have very poor security processes, simply pretending to be the account holder allows the attacker to close their account and request a PAC that allows the number to be transferred to a new SIM card.

Home control via NumberJacking

Although it may seem less abusive than identity theft, it is still possible for a partner or ex-partner to transfer numbers to “their network” or in their real account in an attempt to increase control or power. . Controlling someone’s cell phone – their plan, minutes, texts and data is powerful control and even knowingly letting that control fall into the wrong hands can become a real problem if relationships fall apart – that’s something something ParentShield sees every day.

ParentShield blocks all “shortcode” SMS messages of the type used to communicate with the network, so the most common variants of this attack will fail before they even begin.

ParentShield users are NEVER assumed to have authority or control in any way – so all systems in place involve direct communication with parents.

Although inbound number ports are possible on the ParentShield network, they are never done without questions. The controls in place are considerably stricter than with any other network. As a general rule, inbound number porting would only be done on the instruction of a child’s social worker or duly appointed welfare officer.

Phone hacking or voicemail hacking

Phone Hacking has become a household name in the naughties with dozens of celebrities and spy targets falling prey to unscrupulous journalists, in some cases accessing voicemails. It has been widely practiced since the introduction of telephone voicemail, which is about as long as cell phones have existed.

Many people are unaware that their voicemail is stored completely unencrypted by their mobile operator and can be accessed by simply using a simple PIN number which most mobile networks default to “0000”. This means that anyone who wants to access your stored or current voicemail messages can do so without too much difficulty. Mobile networks have grown to have hundreds of millions of users and simply do not have the personnel and support systems to properly monitor SIM card resets and access requests. Know a bit about the target – which you would definitely do if it was your child’s kid’s or ex-partner’s phone you were trying to access.

No phone hacking with ParentShield

Voicemail always assumes that the person using the phone has the ability to securely secure and control their own phone and voicemail. ParentShield therefore completely removed the Voicemail system from its network. Obviously, the lack of voicemail makes the hacking process redundant.

About ParentShield

ParentShield is the UK’s only mobile network designed specifically for children, incorporating a wide range of tools – from call recording to keyword alerts – that allow parents to monitor their child’s phone usage. child without encroaching on their privacy. It can work with any unlocked phone, smartphone or smartwatch and does not require any apps or parental controls to be set on the device. Its features are managed remotely, allowing for optimal convenience while children maintain their independence. SIM cards work across the UK and beyond.

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