• Fri. Sep 23rd, 2022

Do you have to restart your smartphone regularly?

ByCindy J. Daddario

Apr 24, 2022

Some do, some don’t – restart your smartphone at regular intervals. but Does the reset really do anything?

A There is no general recommendation for this case.. However, even if there is no problem, it cannot damage your mobile phone. completely off at regular intervals then start again.

This leads to the so-called soft restart and the operating system will shut down completely. All running programs are closed, WLAN and SIM connections are established and the main memory is cleared. Some bugs or other complications with the feature can be fixed with.

This allows you to completely close apps running in the background, which consumes battery power and slows down your phone‘s performance.

However, the phone does not necessarily have to work faster after the reset. Because many apps restart as soon as the smartphone starts, because they are allowed to run in the background.

This is also often necessary, especially when users want to keep up to date with events such as news or weather.

Resetting the smartphone: when it really helps

If you download an update to your mobile phone, the device usually restarts automatically. That also makes sense.

A restart can also help get your device working again if you’re having issues with your smartphone, such as stuck apps or limited responsiveness.

So it can’t damage your phone. once a week turn off completely and restart. This is a general recommendation, so you don’t need to set a weekly reminder.