• Wed. Aug 3rd, 2022

Douglas Ross misses the facts on Moray mobile banking at committee session

WHEN you have a lot to do, it can be hard to remember every little detail.

It’s a lesson that Douglas Ross – who currently works four jobs – is learning the hard way.

It seems that between leading the Scottish Tories, representing the Highlands and Isles at Holyrood, and leading the lines at football matches, Ross has little time to go over the details when it comes to representing Moray at Westminster.

That would be an explanation for the absolute burnout car crash he tried to give Carol Anderson, TSB Bank Branch Manager, to the Scottish Business Committee earlier this week.

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Anderson, who works for TSB (at the risk of repeating himself, but this will be important in a minute), had told Ross: “At Forres, we know that 84% of business customers use mobile banking services, online, by telephone .

This phrase proved a little tricky for the Scottish Tory leader.

He interrupted him to ask, “What do you mean by ‘mobile, online, phone’?” Do you mean mobile, online and phone? »

If this question sounds ridiculously written, wait until you hear him say it.

TSB’s Carol Anderson had to support Douglas Ross during the committee session

And what started out badly quickly got worse.

He then demanded to know, “Why don’t you put mobile banking in Forres?” only to be told the conversation had been about mobile banking “as in the mobile app“, not mobile banking.

But Ross wanted to talk about mobile banking, and he would talk.

The transcript of the exchange reads as follows:

  • Douglas Ross: You have also invested heavily in the Moray Rambler to move around the communities… Do you know the Moray Rambler?
  • Carol Anderson: No.
  • Douglas Ross: This is the name of TSB’s mobile banking services in Moray. You are not aware of this.
  • Carol Anderson: No. The mobile money trust expert?
  • Douglas Ross: No. The Moray Rambler is the van that drives around Moray and stops at communities where the banks have been removed.
  • Carol Anderson: No, it’s not us. We don’t have a van.
  • Douglas Ross: He works out of the Elgin branch.
  • Carol Anderson: No, it’s definitely not us.
  • Douglas Ross: Okay. We may come back to it.

We suggest watching the full two minutes if you want to see just how effective a Douglas Ross questioner really is.

The Moray Rambler is real, it’s just run by the Royal Bank of Scotland – not the TSB.

To be fair to Ross, it only says that in large print on the front of the van, sides and back.

SNP MP Deidre Brock, who had the unfortunate honor of having to attend the committee hearing, told The Jouker: ‘Oh my God. Clearly, Mr. Ross is so overloaded with his many jobs that he can’t quite remember who provides what services to Moray.

“His constituents will rightly question the lack of local knowledge and attention to detail he reveals in this embarrassing clip.”