• Thu. Dec 1st, 2022

Dyma Llandeilo: Launch of a mobile application giving information about the city

ByCindy J. Daddario

Oct 4, 2022

Llandeilo Town Council has launched a mobile app to help local businesses, residents and visitors get information about the town in one place.

The app, “Dyma Llandeilo”, is available for free download immediately from the Apple and Google App stores.

Designed and developed by local app developer Eazi-Apps Ltd, in partnership with IT Associates, the app aims to provide a huge amount of information about the city, community organizations and businesses.

The app will also inform its users of all the latest special offers from local businesses and all the events happening in the city the following month.

Even the location of all mailboxes in the city and the time of the last collection will be displayed on the app.

Town and County Councilor Edward Thomas said: “Dyma Llandeilo is an exciting project funded by a grant under the 10 Towns Initiative. It is a fantastic development which will be a boom for visitors and residents alike.

“It has all the information about Llandeilo, where to shop, eat, drink and stay, but it also has information for locals, contact details for all clubs and societies, bus and train timetables, and lots of other useful details about Llandeilo – even what color bin bags to take out this week!


Bob Gwyn, owner of Eazi-Apps Ltd, said: “With this app, we are solving a common problem – a huge amount of information online, but it’s everywhere – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, etc. We so we put it in an easy to use pocket guide – Everything in his palace and a place for everything.”

Lisa Jenkins, owner of Coffee Shop and Deli Diod, said: “It’s wonderful to see a municipal app being developed for Llandeilo, providing a platform for the local community, including our business community, to promote all great things we have in our city.

“The app will be a great asset to locals and visitors alike and we encourage people to download it and get the most out of it.”