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First Mobile Banking App Powered by Flutter in Europe | New

ByCindy J. Daddario

Nov 12, 2021

NEW YORK, November 12, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Rosbank Business is a banking application created by Rosbank for its corporate clients. The Smart Bank concept which is at the heart of the application, presents a center to solve all the banking problems and needs of the bank’s customers.

The first version of a universal application for legal persons was launched by the bank in early 2019 and covered basic functionality. Then, as the app grew in popularity with customers, the bank decided to speed up the launch of new features and chose Flutter as the technology capable of accelerating and facilitating the growth of its app.

Flutter is a cross-platform software development kit (SDK) used to build applications. The main advantage of Flutter is that it uses a single code base for Android and iOS and therefore saves up to 50% of the cost and time. This helps reduce time to market and extend market reach for each platform. Flutter also offers excellent performance and high quality animations thanks to the possibilities of Dart, a language developed by Google relatively simple and very efficient.

“We announced a call for tenders for the development of a Flutter application, then we looked at the portfolio of companies, the relevant experience and the cost. reasonable price. We’ve done a really good job as a single product team, ” Andrey Davydov, Mobile Manager, Rosbank Corporate Digital.

The design of a new application was created by Rosbank. Surf’s task was to study it from the point of view of business logic and adapt it to the format and structure of the data on the server.

Tight deadlines did not allow the backend of a new application to be developed from scratch, so the existing backend was used to run some services. To make the interaction correct and smooth, Surf has integrated a middleware server which is a layer to connect the new mobile app to both the old and the new backend.

The Surf team completed the development of the first version of the new application in 2020. The Rosbank team took the project in hand and continued to develop the application internally.

The transfer of the project from one team to another took about two months. Initially, the bank’s developers interacted closely with the Surf team by participating in reviews and releases of features based on the adjusted processes and flows practiced by Surf. At the same time, the bank was setting up CI / CD to facilitate the development process.

In 2021, the Rosbank Business app received gold as the best app for financial / insurance company by Tagline Awards, which is the largest digital competition in Europe for the most innovative and qualitative projects. Rosbank Business Case Study (https://surf.dev/cases/rosbank/) gives a more detailed history of the development of the application as told by Surf, including the main challenges and their solution.

About Surf

For more than 10 years, Surf has been developing flagship mobile applications – native and with Flutter – for market leaders and startups. Among their clients: KFC, Mars, Yandex, Magnit, SAP, Zenit bank. Surf is the right team when a company has already tested MVP and plans to create a product on a large scale, or wants to be the first in the industry to use the successful experience of other industries, or is preparing to create a product. on a large scale that changes people’s lives for the better. Learn more about surf projects at https://surf.dev/cases/.

About Rosbank

Rosbank is a universal bank, member of the Societe Generale group. Societe Generale’s strategy is focused on continuous improvement of customer service and maintaining leadership in innovation, capturing growth through business development, increasing synergies and achieving sustainable profitability. .

Rosbank serves more than 5 million individual customers in more than 60 regions of Russia. The bank’s regional network has around 250 points of sale and over 37,000 partner network ATMs, including 1,500 of Rosbank’s own ATMs. The Bank of Russia included Rosbank in the list of 13 systemically important banks (SIBs).

Rosbank has been awarded the highest credit ratings by national rating agencies ACRA AAA (RU) and RAEX (Expert RA) ruAAA. The Bank also has country ratings from the international rating agencies Fitch Ratings (BBB) ​​and Moody’s Investors Service (Baa3). Rosbank is in the TOP-3 of the ranking of the most reliable banks according to Forbes magazine in 2021. Rosbank is one of the 10 largest Russian banks according to The Banker magazine. Rosbank L’Hermitage Private Banking won the SPEAR’s Russia Wealth Management Awards 2020 in the category “Best foreign bank in the Russian FederationRosbank Depository (SGSS Russia) is recognized as the best in the categories “Quality of customer service” and “Market leader” among all European countries with emerging economies (Emerging markets) according to Global Custodian.

For more information visit http://www.rosbank.ru

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