• Thu. May 26th, 2022

GOIL will start using mobile phone apps for payment

CEO of GOIL, Kwame Osei-Prempeh

Phasing out of GOIL payment cards in 2021 – Deputy CEO

GOIL will actively participate in the distribution of LPG in 2022 – MD

GOIL MD congratulates management and staff on success in 2021

Ghana Oil Company Limited (GOIL) Chief Operating Officer (COO) Kwame Osei-Prempeh has revealed that GOIL will phase out payment cards used for its goods and services in 2022.

He said GOIL will replace the cards with a mobile phone app that allows QR codes as a method of payment for goods and services at all of its stations.

“GOIL has developed a mobile phone application to phase out the use of cards that allow QR codes as a method of payment for goods and services at stations,” he said.

Mr Osei-Prempeh added that the use of the mobile app was in line with Ghana’s digitization agenda and would also reduce the physical handling of cash, which would mitigate the risk of virus transmission during transactions.

The COO who revealed this during a GOIL thanksgiving service also revealed that GOIL will be actively involved in the distribution of liquefied petroleum gas in 2022.

“We intend to engage potential partners with major brands to do business at our resorts. We plan to participate very actively in the new model of distribution of liquid petroleum gas (LPG) to industry, educational institutions and individuals, ”he said.

He commended the board, management and staff for working hard to ensure GOIL’s success and maintain its status as a major player in the downstream petroleum industry.

He noted that one of the critical successes in 2021 was the integration of the linked electronic card payment platform with the national payment platform.

“GOIL has integrated its electronic card payment platform with that of a national payment platform under the name Gh-link. This means that any Gh-link electronic card holder can use the card to purchase fuel at all of our 400 service stations across the country, ”said the COO, who is also the managing director. (MD).