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GPS-enabled mobile tracking app to monitor quarantined people at home in Dehradun

ByCindy J. Daddario

May 9, 2020

As people stranded across the country return to their hometowns with help from central and state governments, the Dehradun district administration has started monitoring people in home quarantines and the movement of workers. migrants returning from other states through an “IGiS Geo-Locator” GPS tracking application.

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Dehradun District Magistrate Ashish Srivastava said: “People returning to the state are encouraged to download the IGiS Geo-Locator app on their smartphones. This application helps to follow the movements of these people and to enforce the home quarantine ”.

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The app helps enforce home quarantine: DM

The administration tells people traveling to Uttarakhand from out of states to download the app and then we track their movements, Ashish told ANI. The app helps enforce home quarantine, he added.

“The Integrated Command and Control Center sends an update if anyone moves within 50 meters of their location. It also sends an alert if there is no activity for 30 minutes to check if people are traveling outside while their phone is at home, it helps enforce home quarantine, “he added.

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Anganwadi and ASHA workers monitor people without smartphones

Asked about people who don’t have smartphones, he said workers in Anganwadi and ASHA have been instructed to ensure people adhere to the home quarantine. “Every person who owns this smartphone should download the app and those who don’t will be monitored by Anganwadi and ASHA workers who have been instructed to ensure people meet the standards. home quarantine, ”Ashish said.

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