• Wed. Aug 3rd, 2022

Here’s how to play the national lottery on your mobile phone

Skip the line at your local supermarket for your usual Loto ticket and instead play the game on the National Lottery website or through the mobile app.

Playing Lotto online is so easy, just follow the next few steps and you will be registered and ready to go to the website.

Here’s how to play on the National Lottery website:

1. Log in to https://lottery-sa.co.za/G

2. Register a new profile or log in

3. Reload your wallet

4. #PhandaPushaPlay

If you don’t have a laptop or desktop and you can find it a little complicated to go to the site using your mobile phone, don’t miss out on happy moments while playing Loto. Simply download the National Lottery mobile app by clicking on the following link: https://lottery-sa.co.za/3nLakOK wherever you are right now.

The national letter announced the winner of the #DAILYLOTTO jackpot of R420,000 on Tuesday. The winner was from the 9/20/21 draw. The #QuickPick selection and the ticket stake amount were R6.

ITHUBA is the operator of the South African National Lottery.

ITHUBA was responsible for paying out the biggest jackpot in the history of the South African National Lottery, the R 232 million Powerball jackpot which was won in February 2019. The jackpot remains the record jackpot in the history of the African continent. .

Winners of R50,000 and above receive in-depth financial counseling as well as trauma counseling from qualified psychologists to help them cope with their new financial situation. These advisory services are provided free of charge to the Lottery Prize winner.

All national lottery winnings are tax exempt.

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