• Thu. Dec 1st, 2022

How Mobile App Development in Toronto Can Help Your Business

ByCindy J. Daddario

Jun 25, 2022

The question that underpins any good marketing or sales strategy has always been, “how can we get more attention for this product.” Traditionally, Canadian companies have been shrewd – taking up poster space at crowded TTC stations, buying ad time on hockey nightor send door-to-door salespeople in the harsh January weather.

But times are changing. You only need to look around in a crowded public place to know where Canadian eyeballs are these days; they are directly attached to mobile devices.

You need a custom mobile app to reach the modern Canadian consumer. But custom apps do more than just reach customers – they also drive consumer loyalty, provide rich insights, and streamline the shopping experience for increased conversion.

If you want to know how custom mobile app development in Toronto can impact your business, read the benefits below.

Mobile apps are the new frontier of commerce

To begin, let’s look at the statistics.

  • According to the CRTC, approximately 33 million of Canada’s 38 million people own a smartphone, up 24% from a few years ago.
  • In 2019, e-commerce retail sales were around C$2.6 billion per month, a significant percentage of overall retail sales. At the same time, mobile screens now represent 56% of internet visits.
  • A majority of online consumers say they prefer apps over mobile browsers for purchases.

These stats paint a clear picture: more people are using mobile phones, more people are shopping online, and so – as you might expect – more people are shopping through mobile apps.

Leverage cutting-edge technology to serve customers and save money

Mobile apps are where people are, but they’re more than a meeting place for consumers. Done right, a custom mobile app can be a value-added customer experience that improves your bottom line.

Canadian businesses can leverage advanced technologies like chatbots and virtual/augmented reality to boost conversion and limit overhead. AI-powered chatbots essentially perform customer service tasks such as answering questions, providing recommendations, and managing customer frustrations – guiding the buyer’s journey like a quality customer service representative. And AR/VR technology allows you to showcase products via mobile without having to pay for an expensive showroom or window space.

Improved insights and analytics

You can glean a lot information from mobile app data. By tracking and analyzing consumer data, you gain an aerial view of:

  • consumer sentiment
  • Product preferences
  • How users interact with the app
  • Sources of friction in the buyer’s journey

This information helps business owners determine what sells, what works, when to offer promotions, and how to provide better personalized recommendations to customers. Together, this information helps you convert leads, increase average customer basket size, and increase customer lifetime value.

If your business plans to survive, thrive and grow in a changing Canadian market, it needs a mobile app. Building a custom mobile app is a fantastic opportunity to improve customer service, reduce costs, and glean valuable insights that boost your bottom line.