• Thu. May 26th, 2022

How mobile banking brought revolutionary change to banking industries

It is obvious that mobile banking is the use of smartphones to access online banking services. According to a report, the number of users who use mobile banking services is around 57 million. While the penetration of mobile banking for payment for services using the mobile application accounts for 86% of total transactions. According to a CACI report, mobile banking will be the largest channel for accessing online financial services.

Reports also suggest that smartphone users will drop from 41% in 2021 to 71% by 2024. So that suggests the huge shift and preference in the mindset of customers for adopting banking services through smartphones.

While when it comes to Asian countries, mobile banking penetration is growing faster than Western countries. This shows that technology is changing developing countries to adopt the latest technologies to increase their productivity.

This change is due to the fact that young people prefer to acquire the latest technologies capable of easily solving their financial services.

With the massive demand for mobile banking services and applications, the demand for software solutions. There are a number of companies that offer software solutions. In this list, DICEUS is one of the reputable companies which offers a number of software based solutions for a variety of clients. They have a number of clients who are leading companies on a global scale.

  1. The operational cost

We cannot underestimate the fact that with the inclusion of mobile banking apps, banks and financial institutions have significantly reduced their costs. Repetitive tasks, as well as basic services, are delivered digitally, which has greatly reduced the entry costs of banking operations that previously required human resources. In the old form of banking where the majority of services are provided by physical branches. now, customers are more inclined to the digital platform which meant that banks wore less than before.

  1. 24 * 7 services

The most important goal of banks is to provide the most services to their customers and to profit from them. With a traditional banking system, that is, offline banking mode, it was not possible to offer quality catering services, especially when you have a large number of customers. But with the advent of technology and more and more smartphone users, the services can be made available to customers in digital format. It doesn’t matter how far your bank branch is, but with just a tap of your finger, you can enjoy major online banking services using mobile banking apps.

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You can be assured of the quality and consistency they deliver to their clients and the reputation they have built for themselves around the world.

  1. Efficiency and fewer errors

It is a fact that the use of digital ecosystems such as online banking through websites or mobile banking apps has dramatically improved the overall efficiency of institutions.

Comparing the modern banking system, the old one has a major problem of human error due to which banks have to incur losses. But with the inclusion of the digital ecosystem, human errors are kept to a minimum. This is how banks have a more efficient workforce with the bare minimum of errors.

  1. Client experience

Banks provide services to their customers and element like customer experience parallels the growth of all banks. In the conventional banking system, there was a huge gap between the bank account holder and the banks, but with modern tools this gap has been closed.

Modern tools such as digital assistants, chatbots, dedicated customer service social networks, email reporting, etc. through banking apps and websites have revolutionized the customer experience and benefited the majority of customers. Now, with these help tools, customers are more satisfied and have their complaints solutions as quickly as possible. As a result, the customer experience is now hassle-free and banks can have more satisfied banking consumers than ever before.

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