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How to carry a COVID-19 vaccine card on a cell phone

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Check out how to carry a COVID-19 vaccine card on a cell phone

After an early introduction that saw people anxiously updating Twitter feeds and government health websites after appointments, there is now a great opportunity in the United States to get the shot, and if you have already these starting doses, strengthen your replenishment, especially with Omicron. the headlines. Access to COVID vaccines is a privilege that is not available to everyone around the world. But by the time you received your vaccines, you may have deposited your white vaccination card.

Since the card itself is larger than a credit card or driver’s license, it’s easy to break into a wallet. And maybe you don’t even think about wearing it all the time. However, one thing that you will probably always have with you is your phone. We have several ways to keep it there so you can always have it with you, whether you need it for work, dinner, or a show.

The second easiest thing to do is turn this photo into a widget so that it is easily accessible. For iOS 14 and later, download a photo widget app such as Photo Widget: Easy. Open the app and create an album that only contains the photos from your vaccination record. Now press and hold the home screen and then tap the button with the plus sign (+) on the top left. Select the photo widget and tap Add Widget. Once the widget is on your home screen, tap it to select the album with your card. Double tap to see it.

Apple and Google wallet apps

To find your state’s policies on digital vaccine credentials, search the Department of Health website. Some states, including California, Utah, Washington, and New York, offer so-called SMART health cards. This is digital identifying information linked to an official database that contains your vaccination records or the results of your tests. They come in the form of QR codes, which are basically barcodes that look like a bunch of black and white squares and contain information about your inoculations or the results of your tests.

Statuses that work with SMART Health Cards (a full list can be found online) allow you to visit a web portal to add your credentials directly to official wallet apps on iPhone and Android phones. These wallet apps are a default location for storing data and can be opened immediately by pressing the power button on the phone for quick access to your health document.

Here is an example of how to do this on an iPhone in California:

  • Make sure you have installed the latest software update for iOS (version 15.1.1). To do this, open the Settings app, tap General, and then tap Software update.
  • Now collect your digital vaccination record from your health service. These steps vary by state. California residents can visit the California Department of Public Health Immunization Registry website to request a copy of their digital immunization card.
  • Once you have received the vaccination card, press the “Add to Apple Wallet & Health” button. You now have access to your vaccination card by opening the Wallet app or double-tapping the power button.

And here is an example of how to do this on an Android phone in New York:

  • Make sure you are running Android version 5 or later. To do this, open Settings, tap System, select Advanced, then System Update.
  • New York residents can visit the Excelsior Pass website and complete a form to request a copy of their digital immunization card.
  • Once you have received the immunization card, press the “Save to phone” button and follow the instructions to save a shortcut to the home screen. You can now access your vaccination record by opening the shortcut. Or you can open the Google Pay app by holding down the power button and selecting your vaccine card there.

Save a photo

Those who live in states that do not provide digital vaccination credentials can bring a digital copy of their Covid vaccine or test record by taking a photo of it. The next step is to make the photo easy to find. I recommend saving the photo in a note-taking app, which allows you to tag the note so that it can be easily viewed using a keyword search.

Final words: How to carry a COVID-19 vaccine card on a cell phone

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