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How to delete repeated photos from cell phone

ByCindy J. Daddario

Nov 19, 2021

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Authentic cameras of increasing quality that accompany everyone everywhere from their bag or pocket, in recent years the number of photographs that everyone takes has proliferated. To this we must add the large number of images sent and received via email, social networks and instant messaging platforms.

Removing duplicate images allows you to reclaim storage space on your mobile

The sum of all these circumstances sometimes transforms the photographic galleries of cellphones into a collection of images which, on certain occasions, can be double recorded, tripled, quadrupled… Something that contributes to the fact that when sending an image or posting it, an additional copy of it is saved in the gallery, corresponding to the file generated by the messaging platform or social network.

Sometimes it is the user himself who checks the gallery or searches for a photo can detect duplicate images and proceed with their manual removal, but luckily there are methods to do it in an automated way and, in this way. , free up a large amount of storage space, something that is not always abundant in all mobile devices and which in many cases requires the use of virtual photo storage spaces in the Cloud.

There are different tools that detect and eliminate duplicate images, some are even included in the Google ecosystem itself, like Google Files, but others are app-based. This is the case of Remove Duplicate Photos Remo, which can be installed on iOS and Android and works on the mobile device’s own photo gallery.

In addition to accurately detecting duplicate images, it is able to detect very similar photos, something that allows certain captures to be ruled out when bursts are made.

Very efficient operation, if permission is granted to access the whole gallery, it may take longer depending on the number of images stored, but the app can run in the background. When it finishes its job, it will display the duplicate images it found, showing the total number of them and how much memory they take up, which in some cases can be an unexpected surprise.

Remove duplicate photos

Below shows the duplicate image thumbnails detected so that the user can confirm the total deletion (in case of detection of duplicates) or manually check those that are rejected in the case of having also selected which detects similar photographs, which is one of the options presented by this app.