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How to free up storage space on a mobile phone 2022 Tip

ByCindy J. Daddario

Apr 16, 2022

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Check how to free up storage space on a mobile phone

Are you getting the message “phone memory is full” on your smartphone? You’re not alone. How to solve this problem is a question that experts often hear. With all the things we use on our phones these days, from music players to cameras to grocery shopping, it can be easy for lots of unused apps and cached data to take up space on your phone. device. If you find there’s almost no room left on your phone for new photos and videos, you belong in this club!

The good thing is that it is very easy to free up storage space on your Android phone. Since late 2016, Android users can automate the process of saving storage space with the Smart Storage feature. But even if your phone is older and doesn’t have this tool, you can still save storage space on most Android phones by following the steps below.

How to free up storage space on a mobile phone

Use Android’s “Free Up Space” Tool

  • Go to your phone’s settings and select “Storage”. You will see information about used space and a list of file categories.
  • Press the “Free up space” button.
  • You will access the Google Files app, specifically its “Clean up” feature, which offers suggestions on how to free up space by getting rid of unnecessary files, deleted screenshots, large photos, backed up media and unused applications; there may also be other suggestions.

There are other useful tools in the “Storage” section. For example, you can know the space occupied by each of your applications:

  • Under Storage, tap Apps. You’ll get a list of all your apps, along with the space each takes up.
  • Tap the app name. You can now see the size of the application, the amount of available storage used by user data, and the amount of space used by cache. Two buttons allow you to “Clear storage” or “Clear cache”.

Finally, there’s a hidden switch for a feature called “Smart Storage” that allows your phone to automatically delete backed up photos after 60 days. It also automatically deletes backed up photos and videos when the storage on your device drops below 25%. Enable (or disable) this feature from the Google Files app.

  • Open the Files app and tap on the three parallel lines in the top left corner.
  • Select Settings.
  • Find the Smart Storage setting and enable it.

Check your apps

A good way to save space is to make sure you don’t clutter your work with apps you haven’t used in months. It’s so easy to download an app, try it out, and then let it rest while you move on.

If you’re curious how long it’s been since you’ve used certain apps, here’s how to find out:

  • Tap your Play Store app.
  • Tap your personal icon in the upper right corner and select “Manage apps and devices”.
  • Select the Manage tab. On the line below, the Installed button should be highlighted; if not, touch it.
  • To the right of the apps header, you’ll see the rating icon. Tap on it and select “Least used”.
  • Now you can see apps you’ve only used occasionally (if at all) at the top of the list. You don’t necessarily want to get rid of it, sometimes it’s good to have an app just in case, but you might find one you really don’t need anymore.

Save your photos online

Photos and videos can be some of the things that take up the most space on your phone. If you have an Android phone, you’ve probably already uploaded your photos to Google Photos, so you can delete them from your phone. First, make sure to back up your photos to your Google account.

  • Open the Photos app.
  • Tap your personal icon in the upper right corner. If you back up your photos, you should see a “Full Backup” entry in the drop-down menu.
  • If you do not back up your photos, please select “Photo settings” > “Backup and sync”.
  • Make sure the “Backup and sync” option at the top of the page is set to “On”. You should also check which account is listed under “Backup Account”. If you have multiple accounts, you can switch to the one you want to use.

There are also other options. For example, you can choose the quality of photos to download and whether you want your phone to download photos when using mobile data.

Now that you’re sure your photos are backed up, you can delete them from your phone. It’s very likely that at the top of the Photos app home screen, you’ll already see a notice offering to free up space on your device; otherwise, it’s pretty straightforward.

  • In the “Photo settings” menu, tap on “Free up device storage”.
  • A window will appear indicating how much memory and how many items will be deleted. Select “Release XX” at the bottom of the page.

Final words: how to free up storage space on a mobile phone

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