• Thu. Dec 1st, 2022

How to get the most out of mobile banking

ByCindy J. Daddario

Jul 11, 2022

Most of us do banking using our mobile phones, whether that means opening a Monzo account, checking our balance once in a while, or using our phones to pay for weird things at the local store. It’s great that mobile banking is really starting to gain mainstream acceptance, but there’s so much more our phones can do for us. The whole point of mobile banking is to make things more convenient for both the bank and the consumer, so if you’re still struggling to understand what mobile banking can offer you, then read on.

What is a Mobile Wallet?

One of the easiest ways to track your money is to use a mobile wallet. This idea is easy for everyone to understand and means your maps are always available to you – as long as you remember your phone, that is. A mobile wallet is a digital version of your cards that is stored on your phone. If you want to access a card from your mobile, you need to download its details before it is ready to use. There are several big advantages to having your maps on your mobile; the first is that your cards are always with you, as long as your phone is. The second is that if you lose a card, you have an electronic copy of it in case you need to make an emergency payment. The third is that it’s surprisingly difficult for anyone to use your mobile cards, much more so than with a physical bank card. This means you can securely use mobile payments for all sorts of things, including paying for things you buy through your browser or apps on your phone, like shopping for clothes, groceries, and even games. mobiles. If you often play games on your mobile, being able to pay in this way is easy and widely accepted at mobile casinos. For those wondering what mobile casinos are, they offer the same games as the casinos you would find in real life, or online, but in a format that works on your smartphone. Almost all mobile casinos accept payments from your mobile wallet, making the process quick and easy.

Is Apple/Google Pay secure?

This brings us neatly to the next point. Many people are concerned about the security of using Apple Pay or Google Pay to pay for purchases. Both of these services simply use a fingerprint to authorize a store to charge your cards. The fact that you only have to show your thumb at your phone to accept a charge of up to £45 is scary to some because it seems far too easy, but it’s only possible because you have your own unique fingerprint. Fingerprint technology is actually much more secure than using a PIN code. If someone sees you entering your PIN and manages to retrieve your card, they can easily empty your account, but if you’re using a mobile wallet, they’ll need your thumb, which is much less accessible.

Can I pay bills on my phone?

Paying bills on your phone is much more convenient than going to the bank to do so.

The last and probably most important benefit of mobile banking is that you can use it to do almost anything you would need to do in a bank. Where before, to set up a direct debit, pay a bill or send money to a friend, you had to go to the bank, now it is possible to do all these things with a simple mobile. For those who have trouble keeping tabs on their credit score, this is invaluable. Mobile banking is much faster and much more flexible than having to call or walk in person every time you need to make a change. If a surprise bill comes out of your bank, you lose your card, or you forget to pay something on time, it’s much faster to solve this problem using only your phone. If you’re still unsure if mobile banking is right for you, most banks will help you get started. It might seem a bit daunting to try something new at first, but free help is available and when it’s this handy, it would be foolish not to use it.