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How to View Spotify History on Desktop and Mobile App

ByCindy J. Daddario

May 2, 2022

Photo credit: Marc-Olivier Paquin

Wondering how to see your Spotify history on the desktop app? Here’s a quick guide to seeing these tracks played in the past.

You can view your listening history in both desktop and mobile apps, and we’ll cover both in addition to instructions for viewing recently played playlists and podcasts on Spotify.

Spotify keeps a history of your listening activity, allowing you to view your most recently listened to songs, podcasts and playlists. You can also browse your listening history over the past few months to see what songs have been played.

How can I see my Spotify history on the desktop app?

The Spotify desktop app displays your listening history in different ways. A summary of recent listening history is available on the home screen, with an expanded list available in the queue section.

To see your past Spotify music on the desktop app:

  1. Click it waiting line button in the lower right corner.
  2. At the top, select Recently Played.
  3. Your listening history will then appear in the window.

How can I see my Spotify history on my phone?

Your most recent Spotify podcast and playlist history can be viewed by scrolling down on the app’s home screen. For your song listening history, you’ll have to dig deeper.

To view your Spotify history on Android or iOS:

  1. Faucet Residence in the Spotify app.
  2. Press the clock icon in the upper right corner.
  3. Touch and swipe up to view additional history.
  4. Faucet See all played to see everything you’ve listened to on a specific date.

How to View Spotify Playlist and Podcast History

The desktop and mobile apps home screen displays a recently played section containing a summary of your playlist and podcast history. You can easily access the full list on the desktop app, but the mobile app version is limited.

To see your Spotify playlist and podcast history on the desktop app:

  1. Go to the home screen of the Spotify app and scroll down to Recently Played section.
  3. Your playlist and podcast history will appear.

how to view spotify history on desktop

You can also use the desktop app to delete songs from your Spotify history. Go to Recently Played and click the three-dot icon on the item you want to delete. Choose Delete recently playedand that song will no longer appear in the list.