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I’m a mobile phone expert – here are five things you can do to lower your bill

ByCindy J. Daddario

Sep 2, 2022

MOBILE phones are an integral part of everyday life for millions of people across the UK.

According Statisticalthere were just under 63 million smartphone users in the UK in 2021.


Kyle Wilson revealed five top tips for keeping smartphone costs down1 credit

But they can be pricey, especially if you don’t know how to navigate tricky phone contracts or aren’t sure which model to buy.

As the cost of living continues to soar, households are looking for ways to reduce their spending on phones – but what can you do?

Kyle Wilson, an expert at mobile phone shop Mobiles.co.uk, has revealed five changes you can make to save on your phone bill.

Be smart when choosing handsets

Most people grab the latest iPhone, Samsung or Google phones quickly, but those same brands offer mid-range handsets with good quality features, and for less money too, Kyle said.

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“Whether you’re looking for a big screen, an advanced camera or 5G connectivity, these features can be found on mid-priced phones too,” he said.

Choosing a deal with an upfront cost will also save you money in the long run, Kyle said.

“This will generally reduce the line rental and make the contract cheaper over the course of the deal.”

Opt for a refurbished phone

For those on a tighter budget, refurbished phones are a great option, Kyle said.

“In most cases, a refurbished device is significantly less expensive than a ‘new handset deal’ and will still carry returns and warranty benefits.”

But Kyle added a caveat, saying: “Make sure you always buy from an authorized dealer as this will ensure the products have been checked by technicians.”

Opt for SIM card only

If you’re happy with your current device and paid for it, you can keep it and opt for a SIM-only option.

Kyle said: “You might not get the excitement of unboxing a new mobile, but you can enjoy a lower monthly cost and the flexibility of shorter contracts, such as one or 12 month contracts. month.

“SIM-only options start from £6 per month, but vary depending on the allowance, texts and minutes you want.”

Reevaluate your data allowances

We all want unlimited data because of the flexibility it gives us.

But picking a data plan that best suits the amount you’ll be using is a quick way to cut costs, Kyle said.

“It’s important to be realistic about the amount of data you need and use.

“You should be able to check your data usage by logging into your network account.

“If you are currently paying for more data than you use, it may be worth selecting a smaller data allowance on your next contract purchase, which could save you a lot of money.”

Beware of additional fees

In-app payments and roaming charges can add annoying extra charges to your phone bill.

So keep an eye on what you’ve installed and remove anything you don’t need, Kyle said.

“Be careful when using apps on your phone, as many may have app costs or free trials that start billing to your phone bill when the free trial ends.

“In-app payments are commonly found in games and can be turned on by accident, especially if you have kids.”

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