• Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022

Indian bank ICICI now offers iMobile Pay app to pay and manage multiple credit cards

ICICI Bank, a private Indian development finance institution headquartered in Vadodara, Gujarat, and headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, reveals that it has enabled its savings account clients to pay and manage card bills credit at any bank using the Mobile Bank app, called “iMobile Pay”.

Customers can add credit cards from any banking platform to the app in seconds, then pay and manage their dues through the same app. It provides greater convenience to customers, who can use several different credit cards. Customers will now be able to use a single solution to manage all their payment cards.

The newly introduced feature aims to eliminate the hassle of having to go to multiple sites to settle overdue payments. Customers can also set bill payment reminders, view their payment history for all cards, share payment confirmation via WhatsApp, and manage and change due dates as needed.

Bijith Bhaskar, Head – Digital Channels & Partnership, said:

“ICICI Bank is always striving to introduce solutions to improve customer comfort and improve their banking experience. This new feature of the Bank’s state-of-the-art mobile banking application is a testament to this effort. With a large portion of customers using multiple cards for their different needs, this new solution aims to help them ease the burden of paying their bills by credit card. It gives them the convenience of a one-stop payment solution for all of their credit cards on a single platform and eliminates the need for them to juggle multiple portals for payments.

Here’s how customers can access the new features:

  • Log in to iMobile Pay and select the “Cards and Forex” section
  • Go to “Other bank credit card”
  • Press “Add card” and enter the required details
  • Authenticate the OTP sent to the registered mobile number and the card will be added instantly
  • Once the card has been added, it can be viewed and managed in the “Other bank credit card” tab.

“IMobile Pay” is the bank’s mobile banking application which offers more than 350 services. The Bank updated the app, previously known as “iMobile”, in December 2020, to provide payment and banking solutions to customers of any bank in India.

This initiative offers the convenience of interoperability, as it allows customers of any Indian bank to connect their account to the app and start making payments digitally. It also gives access to various ICICI Bank services such as savings accounts, home loans, credit cards and personal loans.

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