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Jagan calls on ACB to launch mobile app to curb corruption

ByCindy J. Daddario

Apr 21, 2022
War on Corruption: Jagan Asks ACB to Launch Mobile App to Curb Corruption

Amaravati: Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy has requested the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) to come up with a mobile application in line with the CVIGIL application maintained by the Electoral Commission within four weeks to combat corruption in the state.

On Wednesday, Jagan chaired the Interior Ministry review meeting at his camp office in Tadepalli.

“The State Department of Home Affairs should primarily focus on four wings of the state to maintain the law and order situation – ACB, DISHA, Special Enforcement Bureau (SEB) and increased media campaigns across the state,” the chief minister said.

He also asked officials to raise awareness of the ACB toll-free number (14400) and DISHA app among the people.

ACB to be reinforced as it is

Jagan asked officials to develop an app specifically for ACB to fight corruption in the state. The app will ensure that complainants can record audio and video of the corrupt activity directly on the app and report the same. He asked officials to come up with an app by next month.

The CM also ordered officials to form an ACB police station in each Mandal. Complaints made on the app can be directed to the respective police stations for action. The police stations will have a multifunctional approach where corruption cases related to ACB, DISHA and day-to-day public order cases can be handled. Additionally, a designated ASP will also be stationed in these Mandals. They will report directly to CDA.

“By setting up the ACB, DISHA police stations at Mandal level, it will send a strong message to the people that the government is focused on fighting corruption and crime against women,” the CM noted.

To verify complaints, particularly audio and video recordings, Jagan asked officials to beef up forensic labs. This will remove all obstacles and provide substantial evidence to strengthen the case.

“There needs to be a renewed focus on fighting corruption across the state. Therefore, publicize the activities and the ACB 14400 helpline number. Also, publicize the app among the people. In this way , corruption in sub-registry offices and MROs will be curbed,” the CM reiterated.

Jagan said all cases of corruption in the departments should be sent to the ACB and they would lead the investigation.

SEB’s work to combat the threat of illicit alcohol and drugs

The government has zero tolerance for the sale and production of illicit alcohol. As of March 2022, 8,675 defendants have been arrested and over 1.94 liters of illicit alcohol seized.

Under the NDPS, SEB has seized over 29,900 kg of Ganja and destroyed over 3.45 lakh factories have been destroyed till March 2022. Police have registered 376 cases and registered 1,003 accused in these cases. “To save the next generation from the threat of drugs, we should increase vigilance near all educational institutions in the state,” the chief minister said.

The CM directed officials to identify these farmers before the planting season and provide them with alternative seeds directly from the Rythu Barosa Kendras (RBK) and advise them periodically.

All actions taken by the government will be made public across the state to make it more familiar to people and to ensure that the work is implemented more effectively and efficiently. CM Jagan also said that these measures should be known to the people so that many more people come forward to report such cases, thus reducing the threat of drugs and corruption.

It is the first time the work of the Home Office has been scrutinized after the takeover of Minister Taneti Vanita and DGP Rajendranath Reddy.