• Thu. May 19th, 2022

Launch of revamped CGHS website and mobile app

This will allow health services to be provided without venturing out, says Mandaviya

Aiming to provide over 40,000 beneficiaries (both serving and retired) with real-time information from the comfort of their homes, the Department of Health has revamped the Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) website (www. cghs.gov.in) and the “MyCGHS” mobile application.

On Monday, Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya digitally launched the revamped website. “The launch of the revamped CGHS website linked to a mobile app is an important and timely step in addressing India’s growing digital penetration. The website has several updated features which will greatly help the beneficiaries,’ the ministry said.

The minister said the facility will allow the delivery of health services without venturing outside and is an innovative step during the ongoing pandemic. This is an important and timely step, fueled by India’s growing digital penetration, he said.

He said the basket of services is expanded with the revamped website. With the new teleconsultation feature, CGHS beneficiaries can seek expert advice directly through teleconsultation, he said. With these upgraded facilities, CGHS aims to further increase its outreach to beneficiaries by easily providing various facilities.

The website has been developed in accordance with the Guidelines for Government of India Websites and has user-friendly features including help for the visually impaired like text audio playback and ability to increase font size etc.

The website also contains a link to beneficiary login to access online facilities such as medical claims tracking, claims, CGHS card status and download, medication history access, online appointment system and various other facilities.

The CGHS is the nodal healthcare provider for civil servants, retirees and certain other categories of beneficiaries and their dependents affiliated to the scheme.