• Thu. Dec 1st, 2022

Live a new Billy Stuart adventure with the mobile app


The popular Billy Stewart series, written by young author Alan M. Bergeron and illustrated by Sambar (Samuel Barnet), takes on a new form thanks to the mobile application that the Arthabasca Center has just launched. The app transports users to five locations in the territory.

Initiated by Véronique Audy from the MRC d’Arthabaska, this project saw the light of day after three years of hard work. “The goal was to create a family activity intended mainly for children aged 6 to 12 who, in addition to participating in research, would discover our municipalities in the MRC while having fun,” said Governor Alan. when the request has been submitted. Launched Friday morning at the Perrault Covered Bridge in Warwick, this is one of five sites that will each offer a different adventure.

The Terre-des-Junes park and Mont Arthabaska in Victoriaville, the Cascades trail in Ham-Nord and the Bernard-Lemaire park to Marie-Victorin park in Kingsey Falls are other suggested sites. “Each adventure can be experienced individually or one after the other in different places,” explains Alain St-Pierre.

The app, which is immediately downloadable and completely free, features stories to read at home, followed by walking tasks in various locations. “Imp Petrill, which has just been released from prison, is causing disasters in its path. An invitation is sent to come and help Billy Stewart and the Zentribedes in order to foil his malicious plans. To achieve this, the governor warned, you have to open your eyes to discover clues, be cunning at deciphering mysteries and be in shape to meet challenges.

The application uses geolocation and augmented reality to offer participants an interactive experience in which they will have to find clues, overcome challenges and face tests of skills, but also intellectual and physical.

Yannick Gosselin from Symbioz was asked to develop the application and actor Victoria Nicolas Gendron, who gave his voice to the little raccoon. “Today, this new application allows local creators to see their world take on a new form,” said Alain St-Pierre.

The designers also expressed their pride and gratitude. “We are very proud of this success,” said Alain Bergeron. I would like to thank Véronique Audy who started the project three years ago. And thank you to Yannick Jocelyn, the cornerstone through which everything goes. “

This new circuit comes as Billy Stewart turns 10 in the fall. “We are very happy that Bailey has new life with this potential to extend it to the MRC over the next few years,” ordered the young author.

“We are proud of the project, it has been a long process. We are delighted that this is a way to rejuvenate Billy Stewart. It gives us great pride to see our work continue for a long time to come in our hometown, ”said Sambar.

“We can never say it enough. We are proud to come from here and proud to stay there. And if Billy and his friends can be used to promote the region, we are very proud and honored, ”concluded Alan M. Bergeron.

The “Billy Stewart – La Légende du Pétrel Diable” arena is an initiative of the MRC d’Arthabaska, supported by the Government of Quebec, and in partnership with the City of Victoriaville and Tourisme Victoriaville and its region.


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