• Thu. Dec 1st, 2022

Man sues after couple bought his cellphone for fake banknotes

ByCindy J. Daddario

Nov 13, 2022

A resident of the city of Bin Qasim was defrauded by a couple who approached him through a trading app and deprived him of his mobile phone by providing him with counterfeit money.

Bin Qasim police said they received a complaint from Waqar, a resident of Gulshan-e-Mauzzam area in Bin Qasim town, who said he worked for a private company and on October 30, he posted an ad to sell his cell phone. -72 Samsung on an e-commerce site, OLX.

He added that the next day he received a call from a man who showed interest in buying the cell phone and on November 3 he went to his house with a woman who claimed his wife and after carefully checking the cellphone, he confirmed that he would buy it and told Waqar that he would come with some money the next day to close the deal.

The plaintiff recounted that the next day he left the mobile phone at home when he went to the office and told his mother and wife to collect Rs 45,000 from the couple in exchange for the phone. He said that on November 4, the couple went to his house again at around 11:30 a.m. and handed nine 5,000 rupee banknotes to his mother and wife and collected the mobile phone. When he comes home from work in the evening, his mother gives him the money given by the couple.

The Complainant indicated that he later went to a gas station to fill up his motorcycle with gas. He said that when he gave one of the 5,000 rupee banknotes to the cashier at the petrol station, he claimed the banknote was fake. He added that when he showed the cashier the other eight 5,000 rupee notes given by the couple, they were also found to be fake. The complainant said that after consulting with his family members and elders, he approached the police and registered a case of fraud against the couple.