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MentorCall launches mobile app for people to find mentors

ByCindy J. Daddario

Jun 16, 2022

THE RANDSTAD, NETHERLANDS, June 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Recently, MentorCalls launched a mobile app to connect people with renowned professionals and leading minds in the industry to help people to find the advice they need to start or continue their respective careers.

MentorCalls is a starter app that allows users to connect with experts from different fields around the world and find the mentorship needed for professional development. The app helps budding entrepreneurs, athletes, and artists secure one-on-one interaction with mentors in a 1:1 video call through the platform. These mentors are eminent individuals in their respective fields who provide answers to burning questions, provide professional advice and guide mentees on how to navigate difficult situations.

Mentors interested in impacting the knowledge of upcoming talent in various fields can join the MentorCalls network and charge potential mentees by the minute. Trainers less concerned with money and more concerned with nurturing young ambitions have the option of donating their results to charity. Mentors indicate when and how long they will be available so mentees can prepare for brief or elaborate sessions.

The app currently hosts a good number of mentors from other parts of the world besides the Netherlands; such as Italy, USA, Belgium, Australia and Dubai. MentorCalls vision is to bring world-class professionals to the top of their niche.

MentorCalls believes that learning from mentors can significantly reduce the time and resources needed to achieve a specific goal. By guiding mentees through their personal experience in a particular business, mentors help them avoid unnecessary detours and unproductive efforts that prolong the road to success.

NFTs meet real business

The app brilliantly harnesses the trend of NFTs in the crypto space. Purchasing the NFT provides people with several online and live benefits, including guest lectures reserved for incumbents of the world’s most famous speakers and giveaways for in-app calling credits. Additionally, MentorCalls will deploy staking mechanics, earning passive rewards in the form of an accompanying token.

The main concept behind MentorCalls was to provide mentoring programs for people where a mentor would otherwise be rare or inaccessible. To this end, MentorCalls calls on all mentors with strong knowledge in different industries and niches to share ideas, knowledge and guide future entrepreneurs.

According to the founders of MentorCall: “Many are already doing most things right. All they need is that extra motivation, or that missing piece of life-changing advice. Nothing motivates a dreamer more than seeing someone who has gone through their struggles and succeeded in the end. Having a live encounter with someone who thrives in a particular area can dispel doubt and strengthen people’s belief in achieving their dreams through resilient endeavours.”.

About MentorCalls

MentorCalls was co-founded by Danny Coppenrath and Maurice Weber. They started working on the app during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. The resources of software company Maurices and their joint investment facilitated the development of the MentorCalls project. After 14 months of hard work on the app developments, the app is now live and available on Android and iOS devices. MentorCalls is the first NFT-powered mobile app that makes mentors – from all over the world and in various fields or studies – accessible to people remotely via 1:1 video calls. MentorCall strives to make the world a better place by mentoring young talents and encouraging donations to charitable causes.

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