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“Meta One” will soon launch a mobile application

ByCindy J. Daddario

May 20, 2022

Metaverse Federation and Metaverse Federation University and Meta Time together announced that “Meta One” will officially launch for the mobile app on May 20, 2022!

The metaverse is a transformative event in the development of the Internet. This development coincides with the direction of human technological evolution on the application platform. Under this general trend, the Metaverse gradually affects the social ecology, which in turn gives rise to a new economic model. This new and innovative process promotes the integration and upgrading of media.

At present, The Metaverse has suddenly become a hot topic, but all sources of information are scattered and fragmented. People are eagerly waiting for the emergence of the Metaverse, “Meta One” is a news release mobile application that completely surrounds and reports the Metaverse, making it the world’s first news fusion media platform of Metaverse.

“Meta One” will launch its Chinese version first to meet the growing desire for the urgent needs of the Chinese people. Then it will launch the English version. “Meta One” will deliver the latest information, hot topics, detailed information about the Metaverse, including original videos and other content to serve a wider range of people, such as businesses and relevant government agencies at all levels.

The app focuses on creating sections like “Headlines” and “60 Seconds News”. The latter is a collection of selected short and high-pitched topics. Besides, there are also other sections such as Experimental Projects, Popular Q&As, and Forums. The app sincerely invites social media influencers in the field of Metaverse to join in, they can interact and communicate with their fan base online!

“Meta One” establishes its editorial offices in Los Angeles and Bangkok, and technical teams in the United States and China. After the launch of “Meta One”, information sharing can be achieved in 175 countries with over 1 billion Apple users worldwide! And the Android system is next. Hope “Meta One” will help users understand Metaverse better in the future!

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