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MeterPlug controls the electricity bill thanks to mobile tracking

Already close half of the fundraising goal of $ 70,000 on Indiegogo six weeks before arrival, a group called Live Easy Technologies is developing a new type of electrical outlet that supplies consumption data to a smartphone application via Bluetooth. Called MeterPlug, the user installs the plug in a standard electrical outlet and plugs an appliance, home theater device, or anything that requires electricity into the MeterPlug outlet. As data is collected over time, the user will be able to see how much money is being spent to power the devices in the home.

MeterPlug mobile appWhen a user views the MeterPlug live streaming data on their iOS or Android smartphone, they will be able to see information such as line voltage, live current, live consumption, hourly power consumption and the cost of this consumption per hour.

The user can also set alerts that will notify the user when the cost becomes too high. Since electricity costs different prices at different times of the day in most states, the user can change their behavior to use electricity at cheaper times of the day to save money. on the next electricity bill.

The app also offers a cost analysis for the last hour, day, week, month or year for each device plugged into a MeterPlug. For example, the MeterPlug might give you an idea of ​​how much money the DVR is costing you in the living room since it needs to be left on all day. Even when a device is completely turned off, it can increase the electric bill due to what the development team called “Vampire Power”.

In project details, the team says that an advanced gaming system like a PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 costs the average American household an additional $ 220 per year due to the 170 watts of “Vampire Power” being consumed at any given time. the day. A user can also combine a single MeterPlug with a power strip to see how much an entire Vampire Power home theater system costs.

Global versions of MeterPlugThe developers have included an option to detect devices that continue to consume power when turned off and use the “Vampire Power Shield” to cut off the power supplied by the MeterPlug.

There is also an option to turn the device on and off with proximity control. Conceptually, if a person walks away from the outlet with their smartphone, the MeterPlug automatically turns off devices in the room. The lights could be automatically turned on and off when the user walks from room to room in a house. Additionally, the developers have included a manual option to turn off any device within 100 feet of the MeterPlug directly from the smartphone app.

The Live Easy Technologies group is currently working on three versions of the plug for North America, European countries and the United Kingdom as well as Hong Kong. The mobile application is free and allows as many MeterPlug pairings as the user wishes within a home. While early investors can get the first batch of MeterPlugs for just $ 45, the group plans to retail the device for $ 59.95. All hardware and software have been finalized and the group plans to ship the first batch of MeterPlugs by April 2013. In addition, they will be showing working models of the MeterPlug at CES in Las Vegas next month.

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