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MHA shares the do’s and don’ts of protecting your cell phone from threats

New Delhi, first published Feb 2, 2022, 1:15 p.m. IST

Even as the Pegasus snooping scandal is back to haunt the Narendra Modi government following revelations in the recent New York Times report, the Union Home Ministry has taken to Twitter to raise awareness mobile phone security.

In a post on Twitter, the MHA stressed that the secure use of mobile phones is essential for the protection of personal and organizational data. To MHA also listed a series of do’s and don’ts to prevent cyberattacks.

Let’s see what an individual should do to protect their device:

* Be careful with public Wi-Fi as information shared on public networks can be misused.

* Check the default privacy settings of smartphone, mobile apps and social media accounts. Indeed, personal photos published on social networks with public visibility can be misused.

* Before downloading any mobile app, it should be verified for its reputation or authenticity. Read the provider’s privacy policies and check app permissions before downloading apps.

* Prefer to download mobile apps from genuine sources. Disable or remove unnecessary apps.

* Sign up for Do Not Disturb service with telecom carriers.

* Use parental control mode when handing over cell phones to children or minors.

* Use device or SD card encryption to protect confidential data.

* Protect your device with strong PIN or password or biometrics and enable auto lock setting on mobile phone.

* Always back up your data including contacts, personal photos, etc.

Let’s see what an individual should not do to protect their device:

* Do not reply or click on links sent by SMS/email or instant message by strangers.

* Do not store sensitive information on the device.

* Do not log into accounts, especially financial accounts when using public wireless networks.

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