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Microsoft Outlook: How to Add Signature in Outlook on Mobile Phone and Laptop

ByCindy J. Daddario

Aug 25, 2022

Outlook from Microsoft is a popular email client used by dozens of people around the world. Around 500 registered Outlook users depend on this email client for communication. Naturally, you want to personalize your Outlook experience. A signature is something that makes an email stand out. A solid electronic signature can make a good impression, while its absence indicates a lack of rigor. So how to add/edit your signature in Outlook on PCs, laptops and mobile devices? Read on and find out.

How to Set Email Signatures in Outlook on Windows 10 PC/Laptop

Generally, Mail for Windows 10 has its default signature: Sent from Mail for Windows 10. However, you can create a text signature for each budget if you have more than one.

  • Visit “Settings” and go to “Signature.”
  • Choose any account or check the box that says “Apply to all accounts.”
  • Click on the “Use an electronic signatureto enable it if disabled, then enter your signature.
  • You can enter more than one line of text. Thus, the signature is saved.

How to Change Signature in Outlook on Mac

Also on Mac, you can manually add signatures to individual emails or have a signature automatically added to every message sent.

  • Access the Outlook menu and click “Preferences.”
  • Below Preferencesselect Signatures under the control of electronic mail.
  • Then double-click “Untitled” and enter a name for the signature you just created.
  • Then click on the “+” sign to add a new signature – You will be taken to the signature editor, where you need to type the text you want in your signature. You can apply the format and change the font style, size, color, or highlight.
  • Select “Next” before formatting. You can add an image, logo or photo to your signature by inserting “Images” from “Photo Browser” or “Image from File”. You can also add a hyperlink to a portfolio or company.
  • Choose “Link”, then type the “Text to display” and “Address”, then click OK. After creating your signature, close the editor window and the “Signatures” window.

How to Add New Signature in Outlook on Android Mobile Phone

  • Open the Outlook app by clicking the icon on your phone screen.
  • Then click on the “Settings” gear icon.
  • Click on the option that says “Signature” below Settings.”
  • Now you can do one of two things: a generic signature that all your emails related to your Outlook application will use or a specific per-account signature for individual email accounts.

  • For the generic signature, verify that the “By account signature“The option is grayed out, meaning it’s disabled. Enter a wildcard signature and tap the check mark in the upper right corner of the screen to save this setting.
  • You can also configure a different signature for each email account or a signature specific to your company/university/etc. Check if the Signature by account option is blue, indicating that it is enabled.
  • Enter your particular signature and click the checkmark in the upper right corner to save this setting. Make sure your new signature has been retained by creating a new message. You will see your personalized signature in the body of this new message.

How to Edit Signature in Outlook on iPhone

To edit your signature in the Outlook application and create a unique signature for each email account,

  • Open the Outlook app and tap on the profile icon – you’ll find it in the top left corner. In older versions of iOS, click on the three-line menu.
  • Then press “Settings“, which is the gear icon.
  • Navigate to “Mail” section.
  • Click on “Signature.”
  • In the Signature screendelete the signature and enter a new one.
  • If you want to set up different signatures for different accounts, enable the “By account signature“toggle switch.
  • When you’re done, click the back arrow and go back to the “Settings” filter. The new signature will appear in the “Signaturesection. However, if per-account signatures are enabled, the signature will not show up.
  • Click “Exit” to return your mail.

How to Create Cool and Creative Email Signature Designs

Creating a creative email signature isn’t easy. It’s always hard to stand out in a crowd. Well, there are plenty of tools to create an exciting email signature. Some of them are:-

My signature

This is an online signature generator that helps you create branded email signatures by choosing from various professionally designed templates. Simply choose the design that suits your branding and customize it to your needs. After that, install it as signature. MySignature offers mobile-friendly templates that are compatible with popular email clients like Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird, and Apple Mail. So your email footer will look the same on different devices.


This professional email signature management solution is ideal for businesses and SMBs looking for advanced features. Using this tool, you can create, manage, and distribute email signatures across the firm. Template customization, centralized management, automated distribution, department layout, built-in analytics, auto-update, and banner campaigns are some of the features of this tool. It seamlessly integrates with Google Workspace, Exchange and Office 365.


Formerly called ZIppysig, this tool is unique. Each team member can get a personalized unique signature. You get 40+ fonts, lots of social icon variations, layout options, and custom banners. You have access to an easy to use dashboard and constant technical support.

signature creator

This tool lets you do that and more if you want a custom handwritten signature, font, and email signature. All signatures you create are generated on the server and automatically deleted every 15 minutes. This simple tool allows you to save the photo directly from your server by clicking on the signature.


This tool has a free version and a monthly subscription service that offers better features. Over 650,000 professionals use this tool. Add social media icons to boost your social community. Choose from over 50 professional templates and even attach photos from Instagram to personalize your post.


How often can you change your email signature in Outlook?

There is no limit to how many times you can change your signature or how often you can change it. You can have a new signature for every email you send.

Are special characters allowed in my email signature?

You can enter special characters and even emojis in your email signature to make it interesting. However, too many emojis can create a signature that looks cartoonish and childish. Stick to one or a maximum of two unique characters/emojis.

Are there tools to help me create an email signature?

You can use several tools to create a unique electronic signature. Hubspot, Wisestamp, SIGnature Creator, Gimmio and many more are among them.

Can you create different signatures for each linked account?

Yes, you can create different signatures for each linked account in Outlook. It can make your emails unique as each version has its signature.

How to exchange signatures in Outlook?

Click on “File”, go to “Options, then to “Mail” and finally to “Signatures”. Click on the signature you want to edit and make changes in the “Edit Signature” box. After finishing, select “Save” and click OK.

How to add a logo or image to your Outlook signature?

  1. Go to the Edit Signature section, where you need to position the tab where you want to insert a photo or logo.
  2. Click on the “Picture” button.
  3. Go to the “Insert Image” dialog box, where you need to select the logo or image you want to insert.
  4. Then click on the “Insert” button, after which you will see the logo or image embedded in the signature.

How do I design my signature in Outlook?

Email signature design is key if you want to make an impact. This can range from minimal to having multiple lines of contact information or even a banner with an offer or a link to resources. Your email signature can contain animated gifs or testimonials or emails. It can be bright and creative using typography or graphics. Finally, it may contain promotional material like links to promotional pages, discounts, banners, etc. Usually, an email signature contains your first and last name, job title or position at the company, a link to the company, and a phone number. Additionally, you can

  • Add social links like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook. If you open up alternative channels of direct communication, the gap between business and people narrows, trust is created in people’s minds, and customers retain their trust.
  • Include a CTA, which encourages users to follow you on social media, check out a promoted product, get updates from your blog, or check in for a rewards program.
  • You can add a reference if you have something meaningful to say, promote a particular service or product, share company achievements, etc.
  • Include relevant content for the person who will receive the mail.
  • Add legal notices and an opt-out option.
  • Use a unique fence that meets public expectations.
  • Sign with gratitude. Always say thank you to the person for reading all of your mail.