• Thu. May 19th, 2022

Mobile phone app is an ‘additional resource’ and ‘won’t take anything away’ from police control room

The Cleveland Police and Crime Commissioner said a new mobile phone app being developed so the public can share information to pass on to police will not impact ward staff. control.

Steve Turner said the app was an “additional resource” and “nothing changes”.

A three-year contract worth £50,000 paid from the Commissioner’s budget is in place for app development and ongoing support and running costs.

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It will allow residents to raise concerns about issues in their local communities, as well as any complaints.

But they will still need to contact Cleveland police directly, either by calling 999, 101 or by going to the force’s website to report the crimes.

Conservative Mr Turner was asked about the app at a meeting of the Cleveland Police and Crime Panel, which reviews the commissioner’s work.

This came during a debate on antisocial behavior with panel members, who are mostly counsellors, eager to learn more about the technology and how it would fit in with the information they receive from residents of their neighborhoods.

Mr Turner said: ‘There will be people across Cleveland who won’t want to use it.

“But we’re offering it as a tool that people can choose to use if they want to.

“It’s an additional resource and nothing changes.

“We’re not taking anything away from the control room or our neighborhood teams.”

The project was one of Mr Turner’s campaign promises and included in his recently released policing and crime plan.

He wants greater use of technology to improve how Cleveland police serve communities and has previously suggested his desire for an all-weather drone to allow officers to track criminal suspects.

PCC Steve Turner and Imran Anwar, CEO of Alt Labs

Alt Labs, a Stockton-based digital studio, is developing the mobile app, which is to be tested by 150 volunteers before release later this year.

A spokeswoman for Mr Turner’s office said the “vision” was for residents to be able to report crimes on the app once the technology is developed.

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