• Thu. May 19th, 2022

New Greek App Offers Fast COVID-Free Cell Phone Identification

ATHENS – To make it easier for people to prove that they are vaccinated against COVID-19 in Greece, a new mobile phone app that becomes available will include elements of the police ID card, the holder’s photo and the birth date.

People wishing to enter indoor places outside of supermarkets have to produce vaccination certificates and their ID cards, a tedious process in stores where people who do not have the information on the phones have to rummage through their bags or wallets to remove verification papers.

The Covid Free GR app for mobile phones and tablets aims to make it easier for citizens to display proof of immunity when entering a store or indoor location where unvaccinated people are prohibited, noted Kathimerini.

Deputy Minister of Digital Governance Theodoros Livanios told Parliament that,

“We have all noticed that when we go to a store, depending on the measures that exist against the spread of the coronavirus, with the certificate that we have on our cell phone or in paper form, they ask us for the identity to see if the name coincides with the person who wants to enter a store.

He said the app will be available soon and details will be built into the app so people are only required to show one certificate to enter a COVID-free space.