• Thu. Dec 1st, 2022

Next super mobile app, Elon Musk has these ideas for you

ByCindy J. Daddario

Oct 26, 2022
Photo: FILE Elon Musk

Strong points

  • Musk plans to consolidate all mobile apps into one app
  • Musk wants to put serious work and games in one place
  • If this type of great application is in our mobile, we will benefit from it.

How many applications do you have in your mobile? There must be at least 15 or 20 mobile applications. There will be three or four applications for social media, two or three applications for online payment, one or two applications for shopping and also for sharing video, audio, pdf, photo from one mobile to another. There will be no application. Currently, there are hundreds of such mobile applications that facilitate the work of human beings. In fact, the mobile application

From home ration to movie ticket booking, from shopping to travel, everything is done via the app. Mobile users get annoyed by installing the app. Even if you do the right thing, the work that humans don’t do in the online age, that work is done through the app. In other words, the application is like a virtual person, who does not know you but does your job.

Super mobile apps have already been launched

wechatWeChat super mobile app is widely used in China. Over a billion people use this app. This application has made daily life very easy. Thanks to this, many services like chat, shopping, payment, car or taxi booking are available to the user.

to input -This great app is making a lot of headlines in Southeast Asia. Thanks to this, payment, investment, food delivery and on-demand parcel delivery are done without any problems.

Neu-This is the super app from Tata company from India. In this, along with the purchase of groceries, there is also the possibility of online payment. Hotel and flight booking is also done from there.

Elon Musk thinks about it

Elon Musk is always known for thinking new and big. Musk plans to bring all mobile apps together in one app. Musk also wants to do serious work and games in one place. Simply put, their thinking is that the online world should be reduced to a single app. It’s not easy but it’s not difficult either. If this type of great application is there in our mobile, we will benefit from it. We will be aware of more and more features, the application will take up less space in the mobile and our time will also be saved. Although Allen didn’t give much information about this app and named it “X”. He tweeted recently that buying Twitter is only part of the ‘X’ app development chain. It is believed to be similar to the Chinese WeChat app.

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